Best Practices for Effective Monitoring and Observability

Matt Gibiec avatar Kunal Kushwaha avatar

w/ Matt Gibiec & Kunal Kushwaha

Recorded: 29th March 2023

In the first talk, "You're doing Observability wrong, breaking down the 3 pillars of observability," Matt Gibiec, Sr. Solutions Engineer at Dynatrace, discussed the common misconceptions around observability and the importance of going beyond metrics, traces, and logs. He broke down the three pillars of observability and provide actionable insights into what is required to truly achieve observability in your systems.

In the second talk, "Cloud cost monitoring best practices," Kunal Kushwaha, Developer Relations Manager at Civo, discussed the challenges companies face in understanding their cloud spend and how to monitor Kubernetes costs to maximize efficiency and reduce spending across teams. He shared best practices, and approaches organizations can follow to reduce cloud spend and increase awareness within their organization, including recommendations on cost allocation models to use.