Why Civo is "the most cost-efficient choice"

Solo.io provides modern service connectivity for Kubernetes, cloud and microservices. The Solo team is also behind the envoy proxy-based API gateway service GlooEdge, and Istio-based service mesh and control plane GlooMesh.

Marino Wijay, developer relations and advocate at Solo.io, explains why Civo could be the only cloud provider you ever need.

“When I use one of major cloud providers there's a bunch of hoops I have to hop through before i get to that Kubernetes cluster I want,” said Marino, “The allure of Civo is that within 90 seconds I can have a kubernetes cluster up and running for my testing purposes or even for someone wanting to do some extensive testing”.

Civo's open source application marketplace, which allows easy one-click install for a myriad of Kubernetes apps, was also a big draw for Marino: “That's very powerful for consumers that really want to have that customised experience without all that extra complexity”.

Marino summarised by saying, “When you think about the cost comparatively across other cloud providers, Civo is obviously the most cost efficient choice; from a business standpoint if you're looking to save money. Also, if you want to speed up your deployment cycles, Civo is the way to go.”

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