Last week we launched Suggestions and our Club 100 testers have been hammering away with things they'd like us to do. So far we've received 69 suggestions and have 243 votes spread across them.

We've been working on the top suggestions alongside other improvements for our internals to manage the product and have now:

  • Made the default user not be civo. It's still an option, but we now default to root and give the OS's default user as a second choice.
  • Added contextual pricing on the instance creation page
  • Implemented optional two factor authentication using mobile apps.

We've always known from the early days of planning this product that we want to be involved with our community of users, having them suggest features they want and prioritising them for us. So far it's working out really well! We've also put a couple of items in that the management team would like feedback on (to see if our users want it) and I've personally added a suggestion too.

It's one that I'd like to have because it's something I do often, and as CTO could just add it at any time, but I don't want to do it if our users feel there are more important things to do (unless I want it enough to spend my personal time doing it). This is core to our ethos, we don't want to dictate the features we'll build, we want to have a community and be actively involved in trying to shape the product our community wants.

There may be times were features just aren't possible (or aren't possible now) or would take more hours to build than we realistically have - but we want to build the things you want, and that's important to us. We hope it's important to you too!