Civo is excited to announce more information on our high-performance cloud GPUs, tailored for machine learning, scientific computing, and generative AI. It’s designed to streamline your project from start to finish, all with just a few clicks.

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But, what really sets our service apart?

Seamless integration:

We understand the importance of a smooth workflow. That's why our cloud GPUs are built to integrate seamlessly into your infrastructure, offering zero vendor lock-in. This means you can focus on your projects without worrying about compatibility issues.

Transparent pricing:

Cost optimization is crucial in today's competitive landscape. We ensure transparent pricing, giving you the best value for your investment and maintaining fair access to powerful computing resources. With prices starting at $1,200/month, you can select from either our NVIDIA A100 40GB GPU or NVIDIA A100 80GB GPU.

Easy compatibility:

Ease of use is key to efficient project development. Our plug-and-play feature is designed to ensure that integrating our GPUs into your existing infrastructure is as effortless as possible.

Scalable solutions:

Our service is designed to grow with you, from startups to large enterprises, ensuring you always have the right fit. Choose between the NVIDIA A100 40GB GPU or the NVIDIA A100 80GB GPU to match your needs.

Carbon neutral GPUs with Deep Green

And there's more – we're going green in a big way with our Deep Green GPUs.

In partnership with Deep Green, Civo is offering an eco-friendly approach to cloud computing. Our sustainable GPUs not only support your computational needs but also contribute positively to the environment.

  • Sustainable energy: Run your workloads on systems powered entirely by renewable energy, with 90% of server heat being repurposed for community projects, ensuring zero carbon heat emission.
  • Cost-efficient: Go green without the extra costs. Our competitive pricing remains constant.
  • Dual-purpose efficiency: Our innovative approach uses waste heat for both cloud services and community benefits.

To learn more about how Deep Green is helping to reduce carbon emissions, read our blog here.

How do I get started with Civo cloud GPUs?

You can launch NVIDIA GPUs on our Compute and Kubernetes services directly via our dashboard or CLI. If you're new to Civo, sign up now and enjoy a welcome offer of $250 in free credits to get you started on your projects.

If you want to get started with our cloud GPUs, check out these resources: