Earlier this year, Mark Boost and Dinesh Majrekar had the chance to sit down with Solomon Hykes at Navigate North America 2024 to speak about his thoughts on the future of tech. Solomon is best known as the Founder, former Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Architect of Docker, and is currently the founder of Dagger, a programmable CI/CD engine that runs pipelines in containers, allowing development in various programming languages and execution across diverse environments.

Through this conversation, Solomon offers unique insights into the challenges of innovation, the power of persistence, and the future of software development. This blog will dive further into the Navigate North America 2024 Keynote session and reflect on the upcoming trends we can expect from the tech industry.

What can you expect from the future of tech?

Looking at the future, Solomon spoke heavily about the rapid advancements within the tech industry, particularly in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud-native solutions. His insights into the future of technology are grounded in a deep understanding of past innovations and trends.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Solomon’s thoughts on AI correspond to earlier predictions made by Josh Mesout, who outlined how AI will be accompanied by an acceleration of AI capabilities and democratization, coupled with rising concerns about ethical development and unintended consequences of the technology.

At Navigate Europe 2023, a panel discussion took place with Josh Mesout, Andrew Maguire, Jason Grant, Tatiana Botskina, and Dan Lewis on the future of AI and ML. Through this, they highlighted the necessity for ethical use and transparency, particularly about whether content is AI-generated, to ensure it's used responsibly.

As AI continues to evolve, the tech community must address its ethical challenges, such as privacy, bias, and misuse, while exploring its vast opportunities across various industries. Moving forward, it's crucial to ensure that AI advancements are governed by strong ethical frameworks to prevent potential inequalities and to promote benefits that are accessible across society. This balance between innovation and responsibility will be key in harnessing AI's full potential responsibly.

Foundational technologies

Whilst we will continue to see the evolution of new technologies in the future, a primary focus Solomon spoke about was the importance of foundational technologies such as Docker, which helps accelerate modern developments. This acknowledgment of Docker’s role in shaping modern cloud infrastructures highlights the ongoing impact of foundational technologies in paving the way for future innovations.

During a panel discussion with Jo Drake and Dinesh Majrekar at Navigate Europe 2023, they spoke about the concept of cloud repatriation. This touched upon how businesses are beginning to move their data and applications from public clouds back to private or hybrid clouds, allowing them to revert to their foundational technologies.

Solomon’s perspective on the future of technology is both an invitation and a challenge to the industry—to innovate responsibly, embrace new tools, and continue breaking barriers. His ongoing work with Dagger and his insights into the development of technology suggest a keen understanding of both the potential and the pitfalls of rapid innovation.

DevOps and platform engineering

As technology advances and software development becomes more complex, the significance of DevOps and platform engineering grows. Solomon Hykes highlights common frustrations within these fields, particularly for teams managing continuous integration and delivery pipelines. He remarks, "If you're the designated DevOps person in charge of builds and the CI pipeline, developing the pipeline itself is a painful experience."

Solomon also points out that while the early stages of a startup or project may not prioritize DevOps, the need becomes critical as the application scales and complexity increases. He notes, "DevOps problems typically arise not at the outset but as your app grows and becomes successful." This expansion necessitates more robust testing, enhanced security measures, and the integration of diverse tools and languages.

We explored the importance of this transition more in our research to reveal further insights into this progression from DevOps to platform engineering. Our findings underline that the evolution of DevOps into platform engineering isn't a question of if, but when – and organizations that recognize and prepare for this shift will be best placed to succeed in this new era of software development and operations.

What’s next for the tech industry?

Solomon Hykes’ keynote session at Navigate North America 2024 not only shed light on the developments shaping the future of tech but also emphasized the importance of addressing the ethical challenges and embracing the opportunities these technologies present. As we adapt to these changes, the industry faces the dual task of innovating responsibly while pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

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