In August, we announced a brand new tech conference! Civo Navigate will bring together the brightest minds in cloud native technology to provide a packed event with over 50 speakers.

Civo Navigate is focused on bringing together the cloud native community and creating an environment where everyone can share ideas, collaborate and learn more. If you are interested in joining us in person, register now to get in-person access to all keynote sessions, workshops, and breakout sessions.

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Latest from the blog

Understanding k3s: Architecture, setup, and uses

Sayanta Banerjee explains why Rancher Labs created k3s as a quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective way to launch clusters by explaining its architecture, setup, and uses.

By Sayanta Banerjee

Testing the mettle

Discover all you need to know about evaluating data solutions for large-scale applications by looking at what you should look for whilst migrating to a different provider and the ways you can test these providers.

By Sayanta Banerjee

Understanding monitoring and observability

We have covered an introduction to monitoring, the need for monitoring applications, and how you can utilize the data received. This will allow you to understand how the concept of observability fits in with monitoring.

By Sayanta Banerjee

Civo Tutorials

Visualizing Civo Kubernetes Clusters from Amazon EKS Console

This tutorial looks at how to manage your Kubernetes clusters across cloud providers. With this, Civo users who are also users of AWS will have a unified view of their clusters.

By Suraj Narwade

Managing SSH access with Hashicorp Vault

Learn how to manage SSH access with the Hashicorp Vault by beginning to understand the problems associated with the traditional approach and how the SSH architecture can be utilized.

By Balajinaidu V

Container Monitoring with cAdvisor, Prometheus, and Grafana on Kubernetes

Through this tutorial, look at container monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes whilst deploying two containerized applications to our Kubernetes cluster and scraping the CAdvisor exposed metrics with Prometheus.

By Ehi Enabs

New apps on Civo Marketplace

Percona MySQL

Percona MySQL is an open-source enterprise that helps you ensure data availability for your applications while improving security and simplifying the development of new applications in the most demanding public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Version 1.11.0, by Percona


The Kubeflow project is dedicated to making deployments of machine learning (ml) workflows on kubernetes simple, portable and scalable.

Version 1.6.0-rc.1, by Kubeflow


KubeVela is a modern software delivery control plane. The goal is to make deploying and operating applications across today's hybrid, multi-cloud environments easier, faster and more reliable.

Version 0.2.0, by KubeVela

Civo Academy

Kubernetes Volumes

Get a base understanding of volumes in our introduction chapter, before running through theory and demos for EmptyDir + HostPath, EmptyDir Volume, HostPath Volume, Remote Storage, and NFS PersistentVolumes.

By Saiyam Pathak

Kubernetes Objects

This course looks at all the must-know objects you'll encounter when managing your Kubernetes infrastructure. This includes the pod lifecycle, containers, resource management, deployment, and StatefulSets.

By Saiyam Pathak

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