The very first Civo Community Meetup is here! Episode #1 featured talks from Civo CTO Andy Jeffries and Developer Advocate Kai Hoffman, alongside Civo community members Saiyam Pathak and Alistair Hey.

This meetup not only focussed on the direction of Civo and what's in store for the future for us, but also shared insights into the Civo marketplace and Terraform provider, plus k3s development using OpenFaaS with Civo k3s.

Here's the full run down of the talks...

Andy Jeffries (CTO @ Civo)

An introduction to Civo Kubernetes and Roadmap for 2020 and Beyond

Kai Hoffman (Developer Advocate @ Civo)

Setting up a Kubernetes-native Development Environment in the Cloud

Saiyam Pathak (CNCF Ambassador)

Building The Civo Marketplace and Terraform Provider

Alistair Hey (Engineer + OpenFaaS Contributor)

Accelerating Application Development with Civo k3s

There was also a great Q&A section towards the end of the recording where Andy fielded questions from our community members around some of the key and most-requested features.

We'll be making the Community Meetups a regular thing, so if you want to get involved please contact me (Ricky) on our community Slack channel, or drop us a message (bottom right corner of this page).

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