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With Civo Academy, learn about CNCF and about the different projects and landscapes it possesses.



Hi, in this video, I want to touch upon the CNCF quickly. So, CNCF is the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which serves as a vendor-neutral home for many fastest-growing open source projects, including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy. It hosts all the critical components of global technology infrastructure. It hosts the top developer conferences like KubeCon, part of the non-profit Linux Foundation. It has 101 certified Kubernetes distribution platforms and some of the other stats.

CNCF landscapes and projects

CNCF has a very interactive landscape called the CNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape. So, in this landscape, you can see the number of projects under the CNCF umbrella. Now, there are some things to notice over here. So, when a project enters the CNCF state, it is called a sandbox project. And the next level of maturity is the incubating project, which already meets the sandbox requirements, plus the additional requirements like running it in a minimum of three productions, and end-users with proper documentation. Then, the last level is graduated, which is all the requirements of the incubating, plus some of the independent security audits and other things.

You can see that we have graduated projects, then we have incubating projects, like CloudEvents, NATS, and then others are these sandbox projects. Now, these projects have a listing under specific domains. As you can see, there is an app definition and development domain. Also, you can see the Runtime, Cloud Native Storage domain. So specific projects fall under the Cloud Native Storage, Runtime section, and others fall under the Container Runtime section and the Cloud Native Network section. Also, there are some projects under the serverless portions of the landscape.

So, this can be pretty big. If you're viewing it for the first time, it can be not very comforting, like, so many projects are there, out. So what you do is you can also apply some of the filters while searching. You can use the filters to select different categories, CNCF projects. I only want to see the graduated projects, so it'll give me the list of graduated projects. Hence, containerd, Kubernetes, CoreDNS, Helm, Prometheus, and all those you can see on the screen.


In conclusion, the Cloud Native Foundation is, hosting all the projects under a single umbrella, promoting vendor-neutral open source software for the cloud-native ecosystem. That's it for this lecture, thank you.

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