We're very proud to announce that we have been accepted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a conformant Certified Kubernetes provider for our v1.20 Civo Kubernetes product based on K3s.

Every small business starts with a goal of competing with the big fish of the industry, and a huge part of that is having the certification to prove you're providing a compatible service.

We're now in the company of some really inspirational organisations...

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CivoStack - our next gen Kubernetes platform

Our team has worked really hard at building our brand new CivoStack platform, ensuring that we're building something that is ready to go for developers, and fulfilling the demand we've seen for a fast and agile Kubernetes platform - without the invoicing and billing minefield you can sometimes encounter with the big three.

This certification by the CNCF just goes to validate our hard work. We're so proud of all our team has achieved, and the processes and architecture we've put in place to allow us to excel further in the future.

We have lots more planned for 2021 as we prepare to come out of beta, with a whole heap of user-requested features and tooling to be available upon our launch.

Whilst we are no longer accepting new users into our beta, we are now taking applications to join our early access launch on 4th May (KubeCon week!). Sign up now to have the best chance of being first through the door when we open up.

Find out more about what we have learned during the beta, and our next steps for launch in this blog by our CEO Mark Boost.