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By Saiyam Pathak
Director of Technical Evangelism


Learn and understand about Kubernetes access control and its three stages - authentication, authorization and admission.



In this section, we will discuss Kubernetes access control. When we talk about Kubernetes access control, there are three stages: authentication, authorization, and admission.


Now, whenever a request comes in, the authentication will check whether the credentials in the request are valid or not. If it's not valid, it's rejected at the authentication stage.


Next is the authorization, which tells whether the user authenticated is allowed to operate. If it's not allowed, then the request is rejected at the authorization stage.


Finally comes the admission stage. So these are the admission controllers, and they are admission policies that apply to the cluster. Now, all the requests that do not violate any of the defined policies will go through, and if not, they will be rejected at the admission stage. Now, these are the typical three stages of Kubernetes access control. That's it for this lecture. Thanks for watching. See you in the next one.

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