The Cost of Cloud

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A Civo white paper looking into the complexity of cloud costs
for businesses and alternatives beyond the hyperscalers.

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So where now? What can be done to build a better cloud-native world? The perceived safety of firms investing in hyperscaler services cannot become a justification to excuse them when they underdeliver.

Our research has identified that the myths around hyperscalers remain widespread. In particular, there remains a lingering misconception on security, with 51% of businesses staying with the “Big Three” because they believed alternative providers to the hyperscalers are less secure. For 37% it came down to a matter of convenience.

Yet our research revealed a growing undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the hyperscalers. Users report spiralling costs, lack of transparency on billing, and general disquiet about how they hyperscalers operate. Indeed, of the businesses surveyed, 82% think the big three hyperscalers should reduce their charges. If this trend is allowed to continue, customers will vote with their feet and start to look elsewhere.

There is a better way. Emerging cloud providers are redefining what is possible in today's market. Civo is one such provider. We are committed to putting transparency back at the heart of cloud computing, giving users a streamlined experience that cuts through the complexity and delivers reliable, super-fast cluster launch times - all for a fair price.

At our core, we are built by developers, for developers.

We believe developers and the businesses they work for are being underserved by today's status quo in the cloud market, left worrying about managing the complexity and costs of IT infrastructure. By addressing these concerns, developers can be freed up to focus on innovating and crafting the cutting-edge solutions businesses are looking for in today's tech-driven world.

Civo is ready to make this new world a reality. We hope you can join us!

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Mark Boost, CEO & Co-founder of Civo