Debugging in production with Rookout

Josh Hendrick avatar David Fogle avatar

w/ Josh Hendrick & David Fogle

Recorded: 15th December 2021

In this meetup, we welcomed Josh Hendrick from Rookout and David Fogle from Civo to discuss debugging within the Kubernetes landscape.

Josh’s talk, “Real-Time Debugging of Kubernetes Applications in Production”, looked at some of the challenges developers typically face when remotely debugging Kubernetes applications. We then dived into a hands-on demo of how production debuggers can help you get to the root cause of issues faster, making debugging applications in remote environments much easier.

In his talk, “Debugging In-Cluster Operators in Production”, David guided you on how to make an operator think that it is actually still in the cluster. He focused on the incapability of local debugging tools to provide meaningful information in production and illustrates the solution through a demo.