Maximizing Developer Efficiency with Civo and StackState

Dinesh Majrekar avatar Andreas Prins avatar

w/ Dinesh Majrekar & Andreas Prins

Recorded: 16th August 2023

Dinesh Majrekar (CTO at Civo) and Andreas Prins (CEO of StackState) discussed how developers can maximize their developer efficiency through various tools and techniques.

During this session, they showed developers how they can maximize their efficiency with the use of Civo's simplified Kubernetes platform and StackState's unified observability solution. The main focus was facilitating automation and nurturing application development skills while allowing the underlying platform elements to be seamlessly managed in the background. This approach ensures that participants can direct their attention where it matters most - their development work.

Plus, get an inside look into StackState's time travel feature and Civo's flexible automation tools, which can help you along the way.