Welcome to the Civo update for July 2021. In this edition we unveil some of the data from our Kubernetes in 2021 developer survey, a sneak peek at GitHub Copilot, and a case study on how Civo and StorageOS combine to provide cloud native storage for our Kubernetes platform.

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Kubernetes in 2021: Where does the industry go next?
Our recent research suggests complexity is slowing down adoption of containers for businesses. How can the Kubernetes community buck this trend?
By Mark Boost

Civo reviewed by respected Kubernetes guru Viktor Farcic
Kubernetes guru Viktor Farcic gives Civo a positive review on his DevOps Toolkit Youtube Channel.
By Mark Boost

Cloud Native A to Z
To help you make the most of Kubernetes and Containerisation, we’ve developed an A-Z guide, designed to fast-track you to Kubernetes success.
By Ricky Law

News and announcements

New tutorials

Create a cluster using the Civo Terraform provider
A quick tutorial to demonstrate how to create a Kubernetes cluster using Civo's Terraform provider.
by Saiyam Pathak

K9s - the tool that can increase your productivity with Kubernetes
An in-depth look at some of the features of K9s that help you increase your productivity with managing your Kubernetes clusters.
By Kai Hoffman

Speed up your development with Okteto Enterprise and Civo Okteto and Civo help you go faster by moving your development environment to Kubernetes. See how with this guide.
By Ramiro Berrelleza

New on our YouTube channel

Trying GitHub Copilot - Programming with AI
by Kunal Kushwaha

Writing a Kubernetes Operator from Scratch Using Kubebuilder
by Dinesh Majrekar

Introduction to CSI Driver Internals
by Andy Jeffries

Introduction to Service Mesh
by Saiyam Pathak

Introduction to Linkerd and adding an ingress to your service mesh
by Jason Morgan

Introduction to SMI (Service Mesh Interface)
By Kai Hoffman

New marketplace apps