With less than a month until Navigate Europe 2023, this blog will take you through what you can expect from the schedule and speakers for our upcoming tech event. Packed with 50 talks over two days while featuring some of the leading experts in cloud native technology, start making your plan with an insight into some of the talks you can expect and where you will find them.

Keynote speakers

During this two-day event, we will be joined by three leading names in the tech industry, Kelsey Hightower, Marty Weiner, and Nick Caldwell:

  • Kelsey Hightower has been one the most influential people in technology over the past decade, he is the former Distinguished Engineer at Google and a Kubernetes pioneer. His expertize lies in cloud computing, DevOps, and container orchestration - empowering developers to build scalable, resilient systems.
  • Marty Weiner was a founding engineer at Pinterest and joined Reddit as its first CTO in 2015, leading the company toward an IPO. Since 2019, he has been helping businesses scale from start-up to IPO while exploring cutting-edge AI innovations.
  • Nick Caldwell is a former General Manager at Twitter, where he oversaw a 2,000-person team. Formerly at Looker (acquired by Google), Reddit, and Microsoft, Nick holds degrees from MIT and U.C. Berkeley Haas, and 10 patents relating to natural language processing.

Meet the speakers

Rotem Refael and Marino Wijay

Director of Engineering at ARMO, Rotem Refael, will be speaking alongside Marino Wijay, Developer Advocate at Solo.io, about the current challenges, trends, and the right practices to achieve cloud native security while presenting the right combination tooling with Kubescape, Istio, Cilium, and eBPF!

Talk information: 5 September 2023 | 16:00-16:35BST | Queen Charlotte Room

David Flanagan

With a passion for sharing his knowledge, David Flanagan founded Rawkode Academy, a live stream for learning the technologies across the cloud native landscape. In his talk, David will cover advancements in WebAssembly and WASI, the idea of a polyglot environment for server-side development, and the role of Spin in accelerating application development.

Talk information: 5 September 2023 | 10:00-10:40BST | Queen Charlotte Room

Maish Saidel-Keesing

Having worked in the IT industry for the past 20 years, Senior Developer Advocate at AWS, Maish Saidel-Keesing, will be joining us at Navigate to discuss the different layers you should be releasing your chaos experiments on. This talk will also look to explore the considerations you need to take into account while testing a shared platform, and the tooling available to accomplish this.

Talk information: 6 September 2023 | 12:30-12:55BST | The Queen Vault Room

Saloni Narang

SAP Labs Developer, Saloni Narang, will be speaking about how cloud-native technologies and caring for the environment can go hand in hand. This talk will go on to explore what happens when we run services in the cloud, especially with Kubernetes, and how this affects the environment.

Talk information: 5 September 2023 | 10:00-10:25BST | Upper Sugar Room

Nikita Koselev

Nikita Koselev, Developer at Mastercard, is joining us at Navigate to speak about the career success formula created by Bruno Souza. This talk will cover topics such as focus, visibility, action, skill, giving, responsibility, and consistency to help people start improving their community before the perfect moment arises.

Talk information: 5 September 2023 | 15:30-16:25BST | The Queen Vault Room

Edidiong Asikpo

Having done over 100+ talks globally and created some of the best DevOps content out there, we are excited to have Edidiong Asikpo, Senior Developer Advocate at Ambassador Labs, join us at Navigate EU 2023. During her talk, she will be speaking about how to accelerate the debugging process of your microservice-based applications using the open source tool Telepresence.

Talk information: 5 September 2023 | 13:30-14:10BST | Queen Charlotte Room

Peter Zaitsev

Take a look back at the history of cloud and open source throughout the years, examine their current state and understand how they can be used together in this talk from Percona founder, Peter Zaitsev. This talk will outline how the current ecosystem is rapidly becoming a better fit for more situations.

Talk information: 6 September 2023 | 10:45-11:10BST | Queen Charlotte Room

Other speakers

Some of the other amazing names that will be joining us at Navigate EU 2023 include:

  • Kim McMahon: Leader, Open Source and Community Marketing at Cisco
  • Olivier Vernin: Engineering Manager at SUSE
  • Ralph Meijer: VP of Technology at Netdata, Inc.
  • Sal Kimmich: Director of Open Source, AI and DevSecOps at Escher Cloud
  • Engin Diri: Customer Experience Architect at Pulumi

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