As another year at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon (CNC) draws to a close, the latest installment in Chicago might be one of our favorite ones so far! With talks having an ever greater focus on the impact of sustainability and inclusion within the community, we loved getting involved in the conversation about how we can make the cloud a better solution for all.

For the second time, we returned to KubeCon as a Silver sponsor, where we brought along the Civo team to spill the beans on what we have been up to recently, catch up with some old friends, and connect with lots of new ones.

Hot topics at KubeCon NA 2023

Throughout KubeCon, our team interviewed over 20 people from the cloud-native community to learn more about their experiences at the event. We touched on topics including the environmental impact of the cloud, Wasm, security, eBPF, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The growing impact of sustainability

The event highlighted the growing importance of sustainability in cloud computing, starting with a keynote on "Environmental Sustainability in the Cloud." The conference featured sessions focusing on sustainable practices in cloud technologies, such as the CNCF Environmental Sustainability TAG updates and discussions on community growth and sustainability. Talks on specific projects like Kepler, Kube-Green, and KEDA showcased innovative approaches to eco-friendly software development and carbon awareness.

Civo's recent initiatives very much align with this trend. Our partnership with Deep Green and the launch of our carbon-neutral GPU product underscore Civo's commitment to sustainable cloud solutions and approach in reducing the environmental impact of cloud technologies.

As our CEO Mark Boost explains: “We all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. This partnership is just one way we're looking to reduce our emissions and move towards a climate-positive future.”

Check out our video below featuring John Kelly from Dynatrace at KubeCon. He introduces the Carbon Footprint app by Dynatrace, a tool designed to measure and manage environmental impact. Discover how it tracks and optimizes carbon footprint, contributing to sustainability in tech.

Machine Learning and AI at the Forefront

KubeCon NA 2023 brought to the forefront an exciting array of Machine Learning and AI topics, showing just how integral they've become in cloud-native environments. The sessions were all about practicality, from speeding up AI job start times to maximizing GPU efficiency, and handling real-time data processing with awesome tools like Jupyter, Kubeflow, and Redis.

A significant focus was also on the ethical considerations and transparency in AI, alongside exploring federated learning and edge computing's potential. These discussions really shone a light on the need for AI/ML to be not just powerful and efficient but also responsible and transparent, especially in cloud-based applications.

In response to these emerging trends, we have launched a “as-a-service” machine learning platform aimed at democratizing AI development. This platform, designed for accessibility, integrates Kubeflow seamlessly with Kubernetes, supporting collaborative and community-focused AI development opening up new possibilities for innovation.

eBPF: A Catalyst in Cloud-Native Evolution

Another hot topic was eBPF's growing impact in the cloud-native space. Sessions went deep into its use in areas like security, observability, and networking within Kubernetes. We got to see some practical guides on eBPF licensing, how it's becoming a go-to for threat detection, and even tutorials on making eBPF-based networking solutions. Plus, there was a lot of talk about its role in gathering detailed metrics for better monitoring.

A big highlight was how eBPF is reshaping service mesh architectures and making it easier to prioritize image vulnerabilities. These discussions really showed off eBPF's knack for detailed control and strong performance, making it a key player in modern cloud-native applications.

Check out our Civo TV interview with Bill from Isovalent. He gives us the scoop on Cilium's growth and what it means to be a CNCF graduated project. Bill also talks about some of Isovalent's latest work, like Tetragon 1.0 and Cilium Mutual Authentication, and how eBPF plays a part in delivering scalable and secure performance without a lot of extra load.

The Future of WebAssembly (Wasm)

WebAssembly (Wasm) really stood out as a key player in the cloud-native space. The event featured a lineup of sessions showcasing Wasm's versatile uses. Highlights included its role in serverless applications, enhancing backend services, and boosting observability in combination with eBPF. Each session brought to light Wasm's adaptability and efficiency, demonstrating its wide-ranging potential in cloud computing.

A highlight for us was our Civo TV interview with Matt Butcher at Fermyon about the future of Wasm. Matt gave us some unique insights into how Wasm is shaping the next wave of cloud computing. He delved into the new component model in Wasm, a significant development allowing developers to create applications using components from multiple languages. This fosters greater language interoperability, enhancing efficiency and spurring innovation in the cloud-native space. The introduction of features like WASI Preview 2, which adds networking capabilities to Wasm, further demonstrates its rapid evolution and expanding scope.

The enthusiasm around Wasm at KubeCon NA 2023 shows it's more than just trending technology; it's a solid, versatile solution for diverse cloud-native use cases.

With Wasm's integration into Kubernetes and its growing adoption in various projects and tools, it's clear that WebAssembly is to become a major force in the future of cloud-native computing.

Spotlight on Security

KubeCon NA 2023 brought security into sharp focus with more than 35 talks on the topics, showcasing its critical importance. Each talks diving into essential aspects of security within cloud-native environments:

  1. Enhanced Threat Detection: Attendees got a deep dive into modern threat detection methods and scalable authorization tailored for cloud-native systems.
  2. Vulnerability Management: The talks included practical techniques for managing vulnerabilities, emphasizing the role of security behavior analytics.
  3. Security in Kubernetes: A significant portion of the discussions focused on securing Kubernetes, covering everything from handling image vulnerabilities to implementing strong authentication and authorization mechanisms.
  4. Future-Proofing Security: We looked ahead to the future of Kubernetes security, exploring topics like quantum-safe practices and the innovative use of eBPF for encrypted traffic analysis.

Our Civo TV's interviews provided further insights, featuring multiple expert perspectives on the latest security trends:

Kubernetes Security Challenged with Armo:

Access Control Strategies with Cerbos:

Importance of Strengthening your Security with Sysdig:

Wrapping up the event

We look forward to seeing many of you again at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024 in Paris. In the meantime, let us know your favorite moments from KubeCon Chicago on Twitter at @CivoCloud.

Join us at Civo Navigate North America 2024

At our upcoming event, Civo Navigate, we hope to continue these conversations and create a space where people can learn how to leverage cloud native technologies. If you want to learn more about Civo Navigate and how to get involved, click here.