ITBrief Asia recently covered the launch of Civo’s new Machine Learning (ML) platform. The article mentions the 3 segments of the platform; Civo Kubeflow as a Service (KFaaS), Civo Recite, and Cloud GPUs. The new offering is to enable the ability for all to gain access to the benefits of ML.

Josh Mesout says:

"We are removing the barriers that have historically made it challenging to tap into the transformative potential of AI, whether those are technical complexities, high costs, or time constraints." .. "Our developer-first approach coupled with secure and scalable cloud-native architecture provides the fastest path to building impactful AI applications," says Mesout.

Leading the project, Josh Mesout, Chief Innovation Officer at Civo, shared the commitment Civo has to make the entry-level of cloud both financially and intellectually as low as possible so that many people can reap the benefits. This won’t only help them individually but the technology and industry in general as more minds allow for more breakthroughs and improvements. By creating a developer-focused approach, they plan to put the tools into the hands of those that make the difference and allow them to excel in the AI world.

"Civo ML is intended to respond to the increasing demand for AI-generated insights by providing a fully managed, auto-scaling ML milieu. This platform enables developers to harness this technology without requiring expertise in Kubernetes and ML specifically. At the core of their strategy is establishing a secure and scalable cloud-native architecture. This architecture expedites the development process, ensuring developers can swiftly and efficiently build AI applications with a tangible impact."

Civo Kubeflow - A fully managed ML platform powered by Kubeflow for ML modeling via NVIDIA A100 GPUs and the most used Open-source tools.

Cloud GPUs - An increasing service in the cloud industry with announcements from many other cloud providers of on-demand Cloud GPU access of NVIDIA A100 GPUs with 80GB memory. Fully integrate with Kubernetes for flexibility and usability.

Civo Recite (coming soon) - A precise and fast transcription service using leading speech recognition technology at the edge to turn audio into text in over 50 languages. Currently in the Beta stage and will launch publicly in the future.

A recent partnership with DeepGreen, a carbon-neutral computing provider, allows users to run sustainable workloads, which is becoming increasingly important for businesses and their users.

Civo ML starts at an industry leading price of just $250 a month, for the article click here and for more information regarding Civo ML check out our Civo ML range.

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, check out the ITBrief article and words from our team, here.