Here at Civo, we have created over 50 free video guides and tutorials to help you navigate Kubernetes: from understanding the basic need for and function of containers, to launching and scaling your first clusters.

You can start learning everything you need to know to get started with Kubernetes today with our nine modules which were created by in-house experts at Civo!

Before Kubernetes

In our first course, "Before Kubernetes", Saiyam Pathak and Kunal Kushwaha will help you understand the basics required to understand Kubernetes from the ground up. This includes a primer on Linux and Docker, which act as a quick refresher for those who are already familiar with them and helpful for anyone just getting started.

Kubernetes introduction

"Kubernetes introduction" looks at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Landscape, what exactly Kubernetes is, and the problems it aims to solve. Saiyam Pathak and Kai Hoffman will also discuss where k3s fits into this through the three-part module.

Learn all you need to know to get started with Kubernetes with Civo Academy!

Kubernetes concepts

Through the module "Kubernetes concepts” run by Saiyam Pathak, learn about the Kubernetes and k3s architectures and how they differ. You’ll also cover high-level concepts such as Kubernetes objects, namespaces, labels, and selectors.

Kubernetes setup

During "Kubernetes setup", you will learn how to get Kubernetes set up locally, and how to install and use Kubectl - the k8s command line tool. Plus, we look at minikube, kubeadm, and containerd, as well as Civo Kubernetes cluster administration and our CLI.

Led by Kunal Kushwaha, you can start learning today at Civo Academy!

Kubernetes objects

Through "Kubernetes Objects" with Saiyam Pathak, you will begin to look at all the must-know objects you'll encounter when managing your Kubernetes infrastructure. This includes the pod lifecycle, containers, resource management, deployment, and StatefulSets.

Kubernetes networking

Take your learning to the next level by watching our "Kubernetes Networking" course. You will explore networking basics before diving further into CNI, pod-to-pod, node-to-node, and container-to-container networking.

Kubernetes services

With our "Kubernetes services" course, you will learn why Kubernetes services are vital for exposing applications running on your clusters. This course will also cover different services such as ClusterIP, Nodeport, and LoadBalancer.

Kubernetes volumes

Work your way through “Kubernetes volumes” by looking at theory and demos for EmptyDir + HostPath, EmptyDir Volume, HostPath Volume, Remote Storage, and NFS PersistentVolumes. This Civo Academy course, run by Saiyam Pathak, will provide you with introductory knowledge of Kubernetes volumes before taking a deep dive into how to create and use them.

Kubernetes configuration and security

Our final course, “Kubernetes configuration and security,” will walk you through guides and demos covering ConfigMaps, Secrets, access control (RBAC, authentication), and more.

Led by Saiyam Pathak, you can start learning today at Civo Academy!

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