At the start of October, Dinesh Majrekar, CTO, and Mark Boost, CEO at Civo spoke at KubeCrash, about application deployments of old, cloud-native processes of today and edge native deployments of the future. Watch their session below to learn about the challenges we are about to face with an edge-first architecture and what we can do today to be ready.

We then took to Detroit for KubeCon + CNC NA 2022 where we hosted an array of talks, workshops, and events. Amongst our team over the three days were Kai Hoffman, David Fogle, and Kunal Kushwaha.

Civo at KubeCon

KubeCon + CNC NA 2022 Summary

Read more from our summary of KubeCon + CNC NA 2022 which includes an overview of talks by our team, the Civo virtual booth, Staging Things event, and our most memorable moments!

Easy Kubernetes deployment to Civo using Acorn

As part of our virtual booth, Saiyam Pathak gave three quick-fire talks. In his final session “Easy Kubernetes deployment to Civo using Acorn”, Saiyam spoke about deploying challenges and how tools like Acorn can make your life easier.

Civo TV

Civo TV was introduced for the first time at KubeCon + CNC NA 2022 allowing us to speak with over 100 people from the cloud-native community. Listen to what people had to say about their experience in one of our latest Civo TV releases.

Latest from the blog

Day in the life of an Intern

Get an insight into the day in the life of an Intern at Civo as we speak with Satakshi Garg, Go Dev Intern, and Balaji Naidu, SRE Intern about their journey at Civo, and how you can do the same.

Kubernetes questions for professionals

In the second part of our “Kubernetes interview questions” series with Saynata Banerjee, we have outlined ten questions to help those that want to take their Kubernetes knowledge to the next level.

Making the switch to a 4-day work week

Explore how the team at Civo expanded the efficiency of our workforce and ways of working with the four-day work week and the ongoing benefits that it has shown.

Helpful resources & applications

Using Civo S3 object stores to manage object storage

In order to help you build an object store in your Civo account, upload files to it using the web interface and the command line using the API, and manage object store credentials, Kai Hoffman wrote a guide using Civo S3 object stores.


Through a user-friendly web interface, Devtron can be deployed to Civo Kubernetes to integrate with products across the lifecycle of microservices, including CI, CD, security, cost, debugging, and observability.


To enable greater collaboration between Developers and Operators, Epinio can be installed into your Civo Kubernetes cluster and take your application from the source code to deployment.


Deploy Gimlet to your Civo Kubernetes cluster to offer a clear path to Kubernetes right from the start, allowing you to concentrate on advanced platform needs instead of the table stakes.

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