In case you missed the big news, after almost two years in beta and early access phases, Civo is now general availability! Find out what this means for Civo and the future of the platform over at our blog.

We've also launched the first-ever Civo Hackathon! This is an initiative to bring together developers, architects, experts, and students from across the globe to develop innovative Kubernetes projects on Civo.

Latest from the Blog

General Availability Announcement
We are excited to announce that Civo is now General Availability. Read into Civo's journey to this milestone and how the product has taken shape over the past 4 years.
By Mark Boost

KubeCon North America 2021 Roundup
We feel we punched above our weight in our presence at KubeCon: No fewer than four Civo staff members spoke at sessions, which are now available for anyone to watch! Check out our picks from the event!
By Kai Hoffman

Observability Trends 2021
Observability plays an important role in the cloud-native landscape. What should we be looking for when monitoring and observing and what applications can help?
By Saiyam Pathak

Hackathon 2021
Civo launches its first-ever Hackathon, an initiative to provide a collaborative, community-focused learning experience for Kubernetes enthusiasts across the globe.
By Kunal Kushwaha

Civo Kubernetes 2021 Report

The Kubernetes State of Play is a Civo whitepaper into the challenges and opportunities of Kubernetes in 2021. We surveyed 1,000 developers to find out how the complexities of Kubernetes are affecting the integration and adoption of Kubernetes for businesses. Click here to find out what we learned.

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Media and News

The Digital Life's Christian Lempa reviews Civo
Christian Lempa from The Digital Life reviewed Civo's Kubernetes platform focusing on speed, simplicity, and pricing while taking you on a walk-through of the platform.

"Civo boss claims the big cloud rivals are overpriced" - The Register
Our CEO, Mark Boost, recently spoke with Tim Anderson on behalf of The Register for an in-depth interview about the cloud hosting industry.

New Tutorials

Volumes Introduction
Volumes are flexible-size additional storage for instances, take disk space on your account's quota, and can only be created up to this quota limit.

Civo regions As Civo grows, more regions for your instances will become available. You can run civo region ls to list the regions available.

What's New on YouTube?

Various Engines for Kubernetes Policies

This talk goes through the need for a policy engine and discusses how each of the tools help's along with the differences between them and where these are headed to.
by Saiyam Pathak

What if the industry didn't use Docker?
In this talk, you’ll learn about source/binary substitution, how Nix differs from Docker, how to generate smaller Docker images from Nix expressions and how to deploy them onto your Kubernetes cluster using KubeNix and Nixery without a single line of YAML.
by Geoffrey Huntley

New Apps on Civo Marketplace

Rekor by Sigstore
Added by Engin Diri, Rekor's goals are to provide an immutable tamper resistant ledger of metadata generated within a software projects supply chain.

EnRoute by
Added by Chintan Thakker, EnRoute is a lightweight shim to drive Envoy Proxy as an API Gateway.


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