Welcome to the very first Civo Update of 2022!

On behalf of everyone here at Civo we wish you happiness and prosperity for the year ahead. With lots on our roadmap for 2022, it's certainly going to be another exciting year for us at Civo.

We recently launched our "Write for Civo" initiative where you can share your cloud native expertise and get paid for doing so. Check out the tutorial for more information.

Latest from the blog

Civo Hackathon 2021 Webinars
We hosted the first ever Civo Hackathon in November 2021. Civo ensured that our beginners weren't left behind as our experts hosted 4 webinars to introduce them to the Kubernetes landscape and Civo itself.
By Ricky Law

Media and news

Moving to Kubernetes just got a little easier thanks to Civo
App Developer Magazine recently covered Civo’s newly launched Partner Program, an initiative that encourages the brightest minds in the industry to collaborate and reshape the cloud-native landscape.
By App Developer Magazine

New tutorials

Kubernetes - HTTPS ingress controller with your own TLS certificate
When deploying to Kubernetes, there can be scenarios where you would want to use your own TLS certificates for ingress rather than Let's Encrypt or another external provider. In this tutorial, Saiyam will show you how to set up your own certificates.
by Saiyam Pathak

Teams administration on Civo
This guide will get you up to speed using the new Teams functionality on Civo. Please keep in mind Teams is currently in beta and only available for a group of beta testers but this guide will help you be ready when its generally available for all customers.
by Kai Hoffman

What's new on YouTube

How Suborbital utilises K3s features with Civo
Learn how Suborbital utilises K3s features with Civo to achieve super fast cluster launch times for testing, load balancing, and more in this interview.
by Connor Hicks

Preventing Kubernetes misconfigurations and deprecations with Datree
Join Datree’s Shimon Tolts and Civo’s Kunal Kushwaha and as they talk about preventing Kubernetes misconfigurations and deprecations.
by Kunal Kushwaha & Shimon Tolts

Debugging in production with Rookout
In this meetup, we welcome Josh Hendrick from Rookout and David Fogle from Civo to discuss debugging within the Kubernetes landscape.
By David Fogle & Josh Hendrick

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