We’re excited to announce that we have developed a partner program that will not only help improve the Civo offering, but will continue making waves with some of the brightest minds in the Cloud Native landscape.

Partners will receive exclusive benefits including access to our no fuss referral scheme and free credit to host applications on our production-ready managed Kubernetes platform.

We are committed to helping our partners to thrive and the program offers a variety of bespoke marketing collaboration opportunities to maximize your organization's visibility and reach..

The partner program is simple. You send us leads and we provide you with some of the best benefits available, without any complicated conditions or hoops to jump through

Introducing FullStaq - A Civo Premier Partner

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As part of the launch, we are proud to introduce Fullstaq as a Premier Partner

"Our partner program is designed to empower Civo customers and our partners with the best services on the market. We are excited to have partners like Fullstaq who are helping improve the Civo offering by making the move to Kubernetes easier than ever" - Mark Boost, CEO at Civo

Fullstaq is a fast-growing cloud-native IT Services company that helps both start-ups and enterprises realize their Kubernetes ambitions and is the first certified Kubernetes consultancy agency in the Netherlands. Fullstaq can be counted on to guide companies in adopting the container ideology and way of working, ensure observability, and lower time to market through continuous deployments.

"We are very proud to be the first premier partner of Civo. Civo offers a great managed Kubernetes environment that enables customers to spin up clusters at low costs. The ‘plug & play’ concept makes it really easy for companies to set up their applications in an easy and budget friendly way.” - Gerrit Tamboer, CEO at Fullstaq

FullStaq will be providing limited expert services to companies wishing to make the jump to Kubernetes. Interested in learning more? Fill out a form and a member of the Civo team will be in touch with you shortly.

“With this partnership Fullstaq will help companies onboard and guide them to set the first steps in the world of Kubernetes”- Gerrit Tamboer, CEO at Fullstaq

How to become a Civo partner

Partner tiers with your best interest in mind We’ve created a straightforward program that allows you to access Civo benefits immediately upon onboarding.

By meeting annual revenue commitments, you can advance through our Registered, Select, and Premier tiers while accessing exclusive benefits.

Schedule some time below and we will set up an intro meeting to determine the best partner tier for you. Once you’re onboarded, you can start accessing partner benefits immediately! Set up a meeting here