Last month saw the first ever Civo Hackathon take place and we saw individuals and teams from across the globe submit some really exciting, innovative projects.

We've also launched a new Partner Program designed to help your fledgling business grow and scale with ease. Check out our blog to find out more.

Latest from the blog

Introducing our Partner Program
We are excited to announce a partner program that will not only help improve the Civo offering, but will continue making waves with some of the brightest minds in the Cloud Native landscape.
By Sophia Ramsel

Upcoming Civo Meetups

Preventing Kubernetes misconfigurations and deprecations with Datree
December 08, 2021 - 05:00PM GMT
We are joined by Shimon Tolts and Kunal Kushwaha as they talk about preventing Kubernetes misconfigurations and deprecations. They'll walk you through automating your Kubernetes cluster upgrades, installing Datree, its key features and much more. [Watch here!]

Debugging in production with Rookout
December 15, 2021 - 05:00PM GMT
We welcome Josh Hendrick and David Fogle as they discuss the challenges and solutions to debugging in production. Dive into a demo of using production debuggers to get to the root cause of issues faster and making an operator think that it is actually still in the cluster. Watch here!

Media and news

Civo Private Regions now available on the OCP marketplace
Dedicated for private use, Civo Private Regions will provide sizing solutions for computing and storage requirements and allow flexible automated expansion across multiple sites.

New tutorials

Kubernetes power for Virtual machines using KubeVirt
KubeVirt is a Kubernetes extension that allows running traditional Virtual Machine workloads natively side by side with container workloads. Find out how to deploy it to achieve Kubernetes power for traditional VM workloads.
by Saiyam Pathak

Migrating Ghost from GKE to Civo Kubernetes using Kasten K10
By utilising Kasten K10, moving applications from GKE to Civo is simple. This guide demonstrates moving a Ghost installation between the two.
by Keith Hubner

What's new on YouTube

Why the creators of K3ai use Civo Kubernetes
Explore how K3ai makes use of Civo’s speed & simplicity. We also seek about the challenges that Civo helps them overcome.
by Alessandro Festa

The Civo Hackathon Playlist
Get introduced to Kubernetes and Civo with our in-house experts. Flashback to the Civo Hackathon and get inspired by the award winning projects that our participants developed.
by Kunal Kushwaha, Saiyam Pathak, Anais Urlichs, Kai Hoffman, Alistair Hey

New apps on Civo Marketplace

Pyroscope by Ryan Perry
Pyroscope is a continuous profiling platform! Debug performance issues down to a single line of code.

Parca by Mathias Loibl
Continuous profiling for analysis of cpu, memory usage over time, and down to the line number. saving infrastructure cost, improving performance.

GitLab by Saiyam Pathak
Gitlab is a single application that spans the entire software development lifecycle.

Ketch by Ravi Lachhman
Ketch improves the developer experience and productivity by implementing a standard application-level definition.

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