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Computer Weekly highlighted the upcoming technology conference, Civo Navigate, and delved into what attendees can expect from the event. It's being published as the first deep-dive technology gathering for 2023, making it a must-attend event for those in the cloud-native industry.

Civo Navigate will showcase two major product launches during the keynote session and various engaging session topics on the schedule. This piece goes on to explore Civo’s background and some of the speakers presenting at the event.

“Civo insists that its technology isn’t just a Kubernetes platform, it’s a community and it’s a vision of how the organization thinks the cloud industry should be.”

Learn more about the expert speakers that will be presenting at the event, including names like Rotem Refael, Catherine Paganini, Matt Dupree, Jeremy Meiss, and Steve Wozniak, through this article.

“Guest speakers include Steve Wozniak, who will no doubt reminisce on Apple history and Steve Jobs the way he has done before – but this year, he will also share his thoughts on the future for cloud computing at a wider and perhaps more cerebral level.”

Want to know more about what can be expected from Civo Navigate? Check out the in-depth article by Computer Weekly by clicking this link to access it. Otherwise, you can secure your ticket by visiting our website.