City A.M. is a London-based financial and business newspaper covering the latest economics, politics, and technology topics. As part of their regular release, they have opinion pages that showcase thought-provoking views and debates. Mark Boost, CEO of Civo, was featured as part of this, speaking about the tech industry's critical climate challenges and how we can work together to make net-zero a reality.

Mark Boost explained his thoughts on this ongoing topic surrounding the 2050 net-zero emissions target by saying:

“It’s time we think bigger and prioritize the radical solutions designed to make an immediate impact. We can no longer afford to ignore the climate crisis.”

Civo recently announced a partnership with Heata, a company that uses waste heat from servers. This collaboration aims to address the issue of escalating energy costs, particularly in areas like social housing, where the cost of living is becoming increasingly unaffordable.

“If we hope to build a better future, we must be ambitious in our innovation and devise solutions that resolve our problems in new and creative ways… What’s needed now is more organizations taking the plunge and backing sustainable ideas. If we hope to make net-zero a reality, we cannot be afraid to walk untrodden paths. We must be confident in UK tech and use it to stride into a greener future,” outlined Boost.

Snippet of Mark Boost's comments in City A.M's newspaper