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Heata, a company that uses waste heat from servers, has partnered with Civo to offer compute resources. As reported by The Register, this partnership enables Heata's units to be offered as an option for Civo customers to use as edge nodes for running workloads.

The collaboration aims to address the issue of escalating energy costs, particularly in areas like social housing, where the cost of living is becoming increasingly unaffordable. This initiative is one of many recent attempts to use waste heat generated by servers.

“The partnership with Civo will also see Heata's units made available as an option to Civo customers as edge nodes to run workloads. Civo's focus on Kubernetes means that workloads can be deployed and managed using Suse Rancher as the orchestration platform.”

Heata is currently trialing about a hundred units in individual homes for the next three to six months. During this phase, customers will be able to use the compute nodes and provide feedback on the performance and reliability of the units.

"There's lots of possibilities we can explore as a joint sort of collaboration. Obviously, there's some ones we can get up and running very quickly, in terms of the batch jobs and render jobs and things like that. And it's a bit more complicated in terms of real time stuff," CEO Mark Boost said but added that this will evolve over time.

Learn more about this partnership between Heata and Civo in The Register’s article and words from our CEO, Mark Boost, here.