In a recent interview with Business Leader, Mark Boost, CEO and Co-Founder of Civo, shared the inspiration behind his entrepreneurial journey, his path to success, and his vision for the future of his company.

Reflecting on the growth of Civo, Boost said:

My main goal with Civo has always been to lead the pack with truly innovative solutions that put our users’ needs first.

Early in my career, I was probably too led by the trends and ideas of others. What I’ve learnt, as I’ve grown in the industry, is that true success comes by being bold and delivering innovation that changes the game for businesses – an ethos at the heart of Civo.

During Civo Navigate NA 2023, Kunal Kushwaha, DevRel Manager at Civo, presented a talk that looked at the secret ingredients to building a thriving company culture and how we implement these practices at Civo:

We’ve also created an ongoing series to give you a better insight into the amazing team behind Civo. You can discover more about the daily operations of our Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team, Go Developers, and Interns as part of our "Day in the Life" series.

Surrounding yourself with a team of industry experts is crucial. It’s essential to create a community that propels the company forward with innovative ideas while being open to change… When building Civo, the team has played a critical role in setting the company apart and laid the foundation for future success.

Without the expertise of our wider team and the amazing Civo community, Civo wouldn’t be what it is today. Each of my colleagues brought a new perspective and skill set that is continuing to guide the direction of the company.

Over the past few years, we have been constantly working to release a variety of services with the aim of “cutting through the noise and leading the way” in the cloud industry. By putting our community first and having a high focus on open source initiatives, we have been able to gain a better perspective on how to guide the direction of the company. You can discover more about what we have been up to recently in our mid-year review.

Mark Boost summarized his thoughts on the future of Civo by saying:

I aspire for Civo to be remembered as the company that challenged the status quo in the cloud market and changed it for the better… I’m looking forward to Civo continuing to show the world how we’re positively impacting the industry and setting the standard for other next-generation cloud providers to follow.