Civo, the organisation reimagining cloud computing, today announced the launch of its new Sovereign UK Cloud service.

Civo’s new offering is designed to ensure that UK customer data remains exclusively within the UK and under its sole legal jurisdiction.

Many of the US cloud providers from Silicon Valley claim to offer their own solutions for data location. There is one problem. As US companies, they can only make guarantees of data residency (the geographical location of the data) and not that the data is truly sovereign (subject only to the laws where the data resides). Civo delivers that guarantee with its Sovereign cloud offering for UK companies.

Civo's sovereign cloud service provides users with the clarity to know they’re adhering to UK data regulations. The service is strictly governed by UK laws, eliminating the risks associated with ambiguous data jurisdiction across regions – a huge asset for businesses and organisations operating in highly regulated sectors such as healthcare and finance that have more rigorous standards for data protection.

Recent years have seen increased concern about control of user data – by business and regulators alike. The 2018 US Cloud Act means that US law enforcement agencies can compel US-based tech companies to provide customer data stored anywhere in the world. This is not only problematic for regulatory compliance, such as data protection law. The US Cloud Act has the potential to undermine customer trust and is one of the many reasons for the growing popularity and importance of genuine sovereign cloud solutions.

Beyond regulatory compliance, Civo’s UK sovereign cloud offering enables customers to be resilient to geopolitical developments. With Civo’s infrastructure located exclusively within the UK, customer data is protected from geopolitical risks such as the banning of services in one region, bolstering customer confidence and trust.

Businesses cannot afford to wait on finding a lasting solution to manage their data. According to some estimates, every two years, the volume of data across the world doubles in size. Mark Boost, CEO of Civo, said:

“Civo is committed to providing a secure and compliant cloud environment that meets the highest standards of data sovereignty. Our Sovereign UK Cloud not only aligns with the stringent needs of regulated industries but also supports the UK’s digital economy and infrastructure. Silicon Valley is not the answer to data sovereignty. We’re ensuring that our customers' data is protected and exclusively stored and managed within the UK, giving them complete control and peace of mind.”

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