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Civo has become a template for how the modern cloud industry should work: with community at the heart of its culture. Forbes reported how Civo aims to shake up the cloud computing industry, which is currently dominated by the big three Cloud Service Provider (CSP) hyperscalers.

British-born Civo CEO Mark Boost and his assembled team of engineers boast a track record in the hosting, connectivity, and data center sector. Now positioning its technology proposition as rather more than just a Kubernetes platform, Civo wants it to be regarded as a template for how modern cloud should work, with community at the heart of its culture.

Civo provides additional networking power and incremental storage functionalities. This has allowed Civo to build their own Kubernetes operators, a technology designed to look after features such as auto-scaling and high-availability controls for IT systems that must always be on. As well as this, Civo has recently partnered with Intel on its new-age Intel SGX technology, which provides ‘application isolation’ control for advanced security ‘enclaves’ applied at the hardware level.

“We turned our attention to the lightweight Kubernetes distribution Rancher Labs K3s because it was a good fit for our goal of creating a quick and easy platform for developers to integrate with their continuous computing efforts... and was ideally positioned to leverage the future growth of edge computing and the imminent explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) on their path to ubiquity.” explained CEO of Civo Mark Boost.

Mark Boost established the company on principles of transparency in pricing, avoiding hidden charges and lock-in mechanisms, and community focus. This has allowed Civo to work towards other core principles, such as sustainability, with a recent investment in Heata, a startup using waste heat from servers to provide hot water to homes.

With a strong emphasis on community, Boost explained how "We wanted to be the kind of company that people would want to work with, work for and work alongside as customers," but went on to explain how Civo has put this into practice over the years:

“That means we are very transparent on pricing and so naturally avoid the hidden charges and lock-in mechanisms typical of bigger hyperscalers. We are community focused from the start and have some 15,000 software engineers on our community Slack channel and we post a wealth of free training video content. We exist not for shareholder profit in the first instance, but for the prosperity of our team and of those who work with us - and we have a defined commitment to sustainability too.” said Boost.

Boost insists that Civo’s approach is the key to success in the technology industry. "We wanted to drive change in an industry dominated by just a few," he says. "And that means architecting the business around some important key principles." Forbes outlined these principles:

This is a company committed to #1 - customer openness and clarity at the sales level; #2 developer user experience through skills training, inclusivity, accessibility, and community support; #3 secure cloud-native operations, bolstered by forthcoming Intel hardware-based security in this case and; #4 customer ability to get a cost-effective, faster and simpler to use cloud product.

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