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Internationally recognised cloud analyst, advisor and architect Janakiram MSV has written a very positive review of Civo for

Whilst highlighting the fact we're using Rancher Lab's K3s at the core of out Kubernetes platform for the best possible speed, performance and value, the article also investigates the tooling and provisioning options on offer.

"It’s not just the UX. Civo has worked closely with Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) tooling providers like HashiCorp and Pulumi to build plugins to automate provisioning and management. They also have a simple yet powerful API and CLI to take control of your clusters."

As well some insights into our pricing model and how Civo compares to the traditional big three hyperscalers.

"A cluster with a modest configuration based on X Small instances with 1GB RAM and a single CPU core with 15GB NVMe storage costs just $4. Unlike hyperscalers, they don’t charge for the control plane. A liberal data transfer plan is included in most of the cluster configurations."

Janakiram signs off his report with the following...

"If you are a cloud native developer looking for a blazingly fast, affordable Kubernetes service, check out Civo. You won’t be disappointed. "

Read the full article here.