As the world of software development and operations continues to evolve, many organizations are making this critical shift to stay competitive. Our recent study has highlighted a significant transformation in the tech industry, with growing recognition and adoption of platform engineering across a broad spectrum of organizations. However, it also revealed a need for better understanding and preparedness as we step into this new era.

VMBlog covered the results from this study in their recent article with words from Saiyam Pathak, Director of Technical Evangelism at Civo. In this piece, they outline how platform engineering is seen as the next evolution of DevOps:

The research found that 65% agree that Platform Engineering is the next evolution of DevOps. Platform Engineering is cited as making a positive impact on organizations utilizing its solutions, with 50% reporting improved standardization and 43% seeing faster product delivery. Almost a third (30%) of organizations are currently evaluating if they should adopt platform engineering practices.

Saiyam Pathak emphasized that both DevOps and Platform Engineering are crucial for the future of software development and operations. He highlighted that integrating technologies like GitOps, AI, and serverless computing could alleviate core challenges. Organizations need to be proactive in preparing for the transition to maximize the benefits, which entails equipping teams with the necessary training.

While Platform Engineering is emerging as a growing practice, there is an evident lack of understanding when compared to DevOps. While DevOps engineers believe they have a “very good” understanding of DevOps, only 41% of the group stated they were familiar with Platform Engineering, and only 41% reported a moderate to high-level familiarity with it. It’s clear that despite growth in this area, there is still room for further awareness and education.

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