Developer Tech released an article outlining our recent collaboration with Codezero, a company focused on the modern development of Kubernetes. Originally developed by former Microsoft executive Narayan Sainaney, Codezero’s partnership with Civo aims to create a market-leading experience for developers where they can work flexibly, with instant access to the resources they need.

Reed Clayton, Co-Founder and CEO of Codezero, shared his excitement about the collaboration:

"We're immensely proud to partner with the fantastic team at Civo. Together, we're inviting the cloud-native software development community to experience a paradigm shift in their workflow. Our platform enables large teams to emulate the agility and speed of garage startups, streamlining the process of writing, testing, and deploying collaboratively. Our goal has always been to address and rectify the challenges faced by developer teams globally, and we believe we've achieved just that."

Attendees at Navigate Europe 2023 had the opportunity to dive deep into Codezero’s 2.0 version during a live workshop. This session highlighted the platform's transformative capabilities, with attendees being shown how to use Codezero to replace their Docker compose and local Docker development environment and run most of their systems in a Kubernetes cluster.

CEO of Civo, Mark Boost, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership:

"Both Civo and Codezero are driven by a shared vision: to offer unparalleled experiences for developers. In today's dynamic environment, developers seek flexibility and instant access to resources, from testing to production. By integrating Codezero's tools with Civo’s high-performance and cost-effective cloud service, we're turning this vision into reality. This collaboration is setting new industry standards, illustrating how developers can be liberated from the constraints of expensive and unreliable infrastructure, allowing them to focus on crafting exceptional software."

To read more about this collaboration, check out the article from Developer Tech.