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Mark Boost, CEO at Civo, spoke with Redmond Magazine about his views on the current state of cloud services and how Civo addresses complexity and service uptime.

“We have values going right back to the LCN days of building everything as simple as possible. The hyperscalers have very complicated ecosystems that are going to have weak points because of the sheer scale involved. At Civo, we've tried to build in a way that scales out on a smaller modular basis.”

Larger hyperscalers have developed a system whereby users find it challenging to migrate to other service providers. This is done by supplying extra wrap-on services that make workloads less portable and increases the chance of vendor lock-in. Civo has simplified this process by prioritizing cloud native technologies and making Kubernetes the main focal point. In addition, this process allows the end user more freedom of choice by offering a path to standardization.

“Civo aspires to be a pure Kubernetes service provider and be very open about the way we work. We support open source and aim to drive change in the industry that would be good for business and good for consumers -- namely, more choice, less vendor lock-in, and more standardization. Cloud services should be about who provides the best and most reliable level of service, not vendor lock-in.”

Kubernetes has become an increasingly popular containerized system that can be over complicated for those that do not have a background in Kubernetes. However, through Civo Academy and online tutorials, users at any level can start learning everything they need to know to get started with Kubernetes. Mark explains further how Civo has managed to build a community that aids in the learning journey of others and keeps you moving forward:

“Kubernetes is what we specialize in and it's very simple to use. We've got lots of guides, plus a Kubernetes Academy with 60 training videos where people can learn, from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. What sets us apart is that we have a really good support network and community. We have about 13,000 people in our Slack community that can help and support people in their learning journey and moving to Kubernetes.”

How do you envision the future of cloud services? Mark outlines how Civo can create a simplified solution that removes unnecessary problems, costs, and security risks through the continued support of the community.

“My belief is it should instead be a fair fight in terms of who offers the best service, the best performance, and the best reliability -- and not trying to lock-in customers.”

This article goes on to explore how Civo has developed a non-traditional approach to cloud services by simplifying billing, removing things like data transfer fees, and creating a transparent community.

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