Inside Analysis featured our latest release from Civo Navigate, Civo ML. In this piece, they outlined the growth of Civo over the past twelve months, and the release of our new Machine Learning (ML) Kubeflow as a Service. With words from our Chief Innovation Officer Josh Mesout, Inside Analysis was able to dive deeply into the surrounding infrastructure required to support ML and how we are making ML accessible for everyone.

Civo ML aims to further reduce the barrier of entry for machine learning by eliminating the heavy lifting and complexity of accessing GPU-backed machine learning. Inside Analysis spoke about how we are working to achieve this by stating:

“Civo aims to combat this grunt work factor by running these components as an ML managed service, supporting the tools and frameworks most required by developers using ML.”

As companies seek to avoid vendor lock-in and restrictive working methods imposed by large technology providers, the use of on-premise high-performance computing solutions is increasing. However, these tools and technologies often require adopting other systems and technologies, leading to higher operating costs and increased complexity in infrastructure and delivery.

To focus on scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, collaboration, and security, Civo ML is set out to combat the restraints placed by the industry. Josh Mesout, Civo's Chief Innovation Officer, spoke about how Civo is going to achieve this by saying:

“Civo’s ethos of fairly priced simplicity represents a new frontier for the Machine Learning (ML) landscape. Many big tech players are focusing their effort on building tools they think developers want.”

Inside Analysis outlined how while developers possess the tools to manage infrastructure components, they desire more efficient operation and less time spent on tool setup and infrastructure preparation. Through the introduction of Civo ML, Josh Mesout focused on how this will help meet the needs of developers:

“Technological landscapes, either cloud or ML, ultimately evolve when they are democratized and are easily accessible to all. We hope to provide every developer looking to use ML with the platform they require to capitalize on its benefits, and in turn, drive the technology forward,” said Mesout.

If you’re interested in learning more about Civo ML, check out the Inside Analysis article and words from our CIO, Josh Mesout, here.