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ITeuropa covered Civo's new change to hybrid working as they have adopted a four-day week due to the success of its trial period.

“Having an extra day off really helps to alleviate pressures from inside and outside work. I can spend more time with my kids, get on with chores that could previously take up a whole Saturday or go for a walk and decompress. I would not be surprised to see a reduced work week become the norm in the not-so-distant future.” said Ian Banks, a site reliability engineer at Civo.

The reduced working week is broken down into a total of 34 hours, split over a four-day period with 8.5 hours per day. This reduction is a part of Civo's ongoing efforts to seek new ways to improve staff well-being and retain and attract talent in a very competitive modern-day market. In addition to the four-day week other flexible working policies that are now in place include uncapped holiday.

“The experience of the last two years has changed how businesses think about the needs of employees forever,” said Mark Boost, CEO of Civo. “Looking after employee welfare and mental health is no longer seen as a ‘nice-to-have’, but a fundamental aspect of a successful business model, and rightly so..

The introduction of Civo's four-day week comes when there is growing evidence of the benefits of the scheme. In the UK, 3,000 employees at 60 different companies will soon embark on the largest four-day week trial to date, running from June to December 2022.

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