At Navigate Europe 2023 in London, Kesley Hightower shared valuable insights on building a sustainable career in tech. Reflecting on his early retirement at 42, Hightower questioned the rush many young professionals feel towards retirement, emphasizing the importance of enjoying and learning from the journey in tech rather than just racing to the end goal.

Hightower's philosophy, shaped by 25 years in the tech industry, encourages a deep understanding of specific technologies and their role in the broader, complex tech landscape. He likened the unique career paths in tech to a philosophical journey, stating:

“Anyone that does something long enough and they get good at it will eventually become a philosopher. You start to understand the thing not for what it is but why you do it.”

A significant takeaway from this event, as highlighted by The New Stack, was the emphasis on storytelling in tech. Hightower highlighted the importance of connecting technical work with business goals and effectively communicating these connections. He remarked:

“When we get a chance to speak about the thing you’re working on, it’s easier to convey my appeal via story because it aligns with reality.”

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