The Kubernetes
State of Play 2022

A Civo white paper into the challenges and opportunities of Kubernetes in 2022

Is Kubernetes ready for this new era?

Our new report 'Kubernetes State of Play 2022' sought to answer these questions and more.

We spoke to 1,000 cloud developers about how they were using Kubernetes across their operations, the challenges they were seeing, and the evolving use cases they saw for the technology in the years to come.

The results reveal a picture of Kubernetes going truly mainstream. They also point to sobering truths where more still needs to be done in our industry, especially on areas like education and security. Only when these problems are addressed will Kubernetes achieve the full potential it offers to today's cloud native world.

I hope you enjoy reading this year's Kubernetes survey and if you would like to discuss it in more detail, feel free to get in touch.

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Mark Boost, CEO & Co-founder of Civo

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