At Civo, we have always sought to expand people’s understanding of technology. From setting up an academy to help people get to grips with Kubernetes to running developer events around the world, we firmly believe that the benefits of technology should be accessible to everyone.

There is a growing global community in the tech sector that is focused on a new way of doing things. This community is united by a conviction that these changes must be done for the benefit of all. Alongside innovation, there must also be a focus on education so that organizations of all sizes can take advantage of what’s coming next.

In this spirit, we’re thrilled to be hosting our first Civo Navigate event in the US next year.

On February 7th and 8th, 2023, we’ll be welcoming up to 1000 guests into the Armature Works in Tampa, Florida, and connecting them with leading experts from Apple, GitLab, ARM and many more, as we expand our understanding of how to succeed in the tech landscape.

From talks on Kubernetes and cloud to Machine Learning in DevOps, securing software supply chain, and managing workloads at Edge locations – Civo Navigate will have something for everyone!

Provoking thinking

In the tech space, it can be hard to escape the reach of the giants of our industry. Many users, developers, and businesses will simply not be aware of the wealth of options out there for them: there is a whole world of choices out there.

Our event is focused on provoking thinking and inspiring our guests with ideas on what is possible with technology through workshops, panels, and knowledge sharing.

With Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder, joining as our keynote speaker – guests are invited to track the evolution of the tech industry, learning where the space has come from and where it’s likely to be headed.

Cheryl Hung, Senior Director, Ecosystem at Arm, is delivering Wednesday’s keynote and sharing the lesson she’s learned from her own experience. In addition, the talk will explore how Hung grew the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s End User Community to 150 members.

We’re also welcoming Ayse Kaya, Senior Director at Slim.AI, who will be providing key insight into the evolution of container security, and top tips for how to keep pace with developments.

Alongside Wozniak, Hung, and Kaya, we’ll welcome 50 other speakers to the event, and attendees will be able to hear from as many as four experts each hour.

Other speakers in the line-up include:

We’re not simply limiting this to the cloud, either. Attendees will have the opportunity to build knowledge from innovators in fields such as cybersecurity, data, and machine learning to name but a few. The tech sector is multifaceted, and Civo Navigate will reflect all the industry wisdom these different areas bring.

The experience

The event spans across 2 days and packs more than 80 talks and workshops into the schedule. With a main stage, theater stage, rooftop stage, and a show and tell stage – you can choose between activities and structure your day around what interests you the most.

In the line-up mix is an array of coffee breaks and booth crawl so that you can mingle with peers even when not at one of the talks.

Our goal is for everyone to leave Civo Navigate feeling inspired.

Some may opt for a new cloud provider at their next decision point, some may just leave feeling more knowledgeable, and some may choose to pursue an entirely different career. On top of all this, we hope everyone will leave having had lots of fun in the Florida sunshine.

Check out our Navigate schedule so that you can plan out your days and figure out the talks you can’t miss!

The reaction

As an active participant in the cloud native community, we’re always looking to hear the thoughts of our friends on how Civo is doing. The reaction to Civo Navigate has been overwhelmingly positive. We have received tons of interest, not only for people to attend but also for opportunities to speak.

The last few years have left many with an appetite to connect with fellow tech professionals, and we’re happy to fill that void with Civo Navigate. As people look to break the status quo, and beyond providers they have relied on for so long, this event provides an inside look into what the sprawling landscape of the tech sector has to offer.

What next?

If you’re looking for an event that will give you the insight and tools to leverage technologies better and drive innovation, then look no further!

With Civo Navigate on track to be a success, we’re also exploring new ways to make the event more memorable. There will be a series of launches of Civo services, as well as a number of open-source projects up for grabs.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to discover the latest innovations, learn about upcoming trends, and network with experts in the cloud native industry. Register now to secure your spot at Civo Navigate.