Welcome to the Civo update for June 2021. We've tonnes of great content to share with you including how you can gamify your Twitter profile with Prometheus + Grafana, automating chaos engineering with Chaos Mesh, and a great review of Civo on Forbes.com.

Upcoming online meetups

Kubernetes service mesh focus (16th June - 17:00hrs GMT+1)
Join us as we discuss Kubernetes service meshes and the role they play in providing visibility and open communication between your pods/containers.
Watch Kubernetes service mesh focus webinar here

CSI Driver Internals and Writing a Kubernetes Operator from Scratch (30th June - 17:00hrs GMT+1)
A deep-dive into the inner workings of our custom-built Kubernetes platform we call "CivoStack". Featuring technical talks from our CTO Andy Jeffries and Director of Innovation Dinesh Majrekar.
Watch CSI Driver Internals and Writing a Kubernetes Operator from Scratch webinar here

Latest from the blog

Civo featured in Forbes We were recently featured on Forbes - find out why this is another important milestone on our journey. By Mark Boost

June 2021 Civo Roadmap Update
Update on the Civo Roadmap for 2021 including the community-requested features that have been completed.
by Saiyam Pathak

New tutorials

Using Civo Kubernetes to gamify Twitter with Prometheus and Grafana
An inspirational post to explain the journey and thoughts behind gamifying a Twitter banner that automatically shows follower count in a Grafana graph.
by Wiard van Rij

Automating Chaos Engineering with Chaos Mesh
This tutorial will help you quickly get started with Chaos Engineering and run your first chaos experiment with Chaos Mesh® on Civo.
By Cwen Yin

Deploy Linkerd with the Civo Kubernetes Marketplace
Get started with the Linkerd service mesh application by installing it via the Civo Marketplace. by Jason Morgan

Creating a Cluster: The Path to Success Creating a Civo Kubernetes Cluster takes around 1 minute if you know which commands to use and buttons to press. This guide will showcase three different ways to create a Kubernetes Cluster.
By Anaïs Urlichs

Using Twingate Connector on Civo to access private services Deploying Twingate Connector on your Kubernetes cluster with the Civo Marketplace and accessing a private service on your Kubernetes cluster. By Alex Marshall


Kubernetes Security Using Kube-Bench
by Saiyam Pathak

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 - Wrap Up
by Kunal Kushwaha

Kubernetes security best practice checklist
by Jahred Love

New marketplace apps


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