After the success of our first Navigate Europe event in London, we are excited to announce that we will be doing it all again this year in Berlin, Germany, on September 10th & 11st, 2024!

If you’re interested in joining us as a speaker for the event, we have just extended our CFP deadline. You now have until 12th May 2024 to submit your session idea for the chance to talk at Navigate Europe 2024. Otherwise, you can now sign up for super early bird tickets for just €100 👉

Civo Navigate Europe 2024, Berlin, Germany

For those that took part in Navigate North America 2024 in Austin, Texas, all talks are currently being uploaded to our website, so keep an eye out for sessions here 👉

The latest from Civo

Llama 3 tutorials

Josh Mesout, Chief Innovation Officer and Rishit Dagli, ML Researcher at Civo, released the first part of a new series of tutorials surrounding Llama 3 and how to apply it using CPUs and GPUs on Civo.

☁️ Deploying Llama 3 with Kubeflow on Kubernetes: A CPU-Focused tutorial

☁️ Deploy your own Private ChatGPT with Llama 3 and Civo GPU Clusters

Insights from Solomon Hykes

During Navigate North America 2024, Mark Boost and Dinesh Majrekar sat down with Solomon Hykes to speak about his thoughts on the future of tech with insights on the challenges of innovation, the power of persistence, and software development.

☁️ Navigating the future of tech: Insights from Solomon Hykes

What’s new from the Civo Community?

Deploying a Minecraft Server on Kubernetes

Explore how to set up a Minecraft server on Kubernetes through this tutorial from Jubril Oyetunji where he takes you through all the steps needed for a successful deployment.

How to set up an Infrastructure as Code automation using Pulumi, Civo Object Store, and GitHub Actions

Learn how to implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Pulumi and Python on GitHub Actions with Rizaldi Martaputra. This tutorial will outline the setup, configuring backends, and automating CI/CD.

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