IMPORTANT: Entry to the prize draw is now closed. The virtual prize winner will be contacted via email from week commencing Monday 23rd May.

To demonstrate the power and simplicity of Civo at edge, we’ve brought a server rack to KubeCon EU Valencia where we’ll be deploying a temporary region!

Read on to be in with a chance to win a LEGO AT-AT™ 75313 or LEGO R2-D2™ 75308.

Civo private regions: At the edge

Civo private regions offer a fully integrated rack scale solution delivering Civo’s lightning-fast Kubernetes platform oncutting edge infrastructure. Turnkey Kubernetes simplicity designed for dedicated private use. Bespoke solution sizing to meet the compute and storage requirements of any enterprise whilst allowing for flexible automated expansion across multiple sites.

Civo private regions are perfect for any scenario where you need to deliver cloud native technology at edge, including:

  • Private SIEM region for log ingestion, storage and retrieval
  • FinTech where privacy and latency are key
  • Pharma with air gapped locations for regulatory reasons
  • Mobile deployments. Eg.on ships, at race tracks, events.

For more information on how Civo Private regions can help your business, contact our team.

How to enter the prize draw

We’re giving away two separate prizes:

  • For in-person KubeCon attendees: LEGO AT-AT™ 75313
  • For Virtual KubeCon attendees: LEGO R2-D2™ 75308

KubeCon competition LEGO prizes

To be in with a chance to win all you need to do is launch a cluster from our temporary KubeCon region.

  1. Log in to your Civo account or sign up here.
  2. Choose the “KUBECON” region from the bottom left of the account page.
  3. Next, visit the cluster launch page.
  4. Be sure to find and select the "Galaxy’s Edge" marketplace app (you’ll need this to generate your entry code) for your cluster.
  5. Launch your cluster and follow the "Galaxy's Edge" instructions in the Installed Applications section. Make sure you have opened port 30000 on the cluster's firewall!

If you’re at KubeCon Valencia, simply bring your entry code to the Civo booth at Pavilion 2, Booth SU12.

What you need to know

  • You must add a credit/debit card to your account in order to launch a cluster. This is just for verification purposes. You will NOT be billed for services launched in our temporary KubeCon region.
  • Our KUBECON region will only be online during the in-person KubeCon event hours. So you can only launch a cluster and get your entry code during the following times
    Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th and Friday 20th May, between 09:00 and 16:00 CEST (local time).
  • Any data stored on the KubeCon region will be removed at the end of each KubeCon day. This is not a production service so please do not host any important data on this region.
  • Please be advised that any Civo services launched outside of this competition, e.g. in our London, Frankfurt or New York regions WILL be chargeable.
  • You must launch a cluster and submit your entry code to enter the prize draw.
  • Only one entry per person.

Finally, big thanks to Intel, Vesper, and Gigabyte for for their help in supplying and delivering the kit.