Managing infrastructure while developing, building, and running an application is difficult for developers. In fact, many businesses often struggle with infrastructure management besides managing their applications. To tackle this problem, Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS came into existence. PaaS provides a platform with a cloud-based environment for developers to develop and manage their applications with pre-configured tools and frameworks.

Throughout this article, we will see what PaaS is, its working principle, and its key features. We will also look at how Civo Platform is using it to help quickly scale and deploy applications.

What is PaaS?

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a cloud service delivery model that uses a third-party platform to run, develop, and deploy applications. It helps developers to develop applications without maintaining any infrastructure. PaaS provides built-in software components, including tools and frameworks that reduce the work of writing codes for developers. A third-party provider provides the platform.

How does PaaS work?

PaaS solutions include the physical infrastructure required to support application development and software solutions for building applications. It delivers all standard software development tools in an online interface. Developers can access the offerings through a web browser. In addition, PaaS enables collaborative working by allowing you to log in to your system from anywhere. This helps in the flexible testing of applications and the rolling out of new products. PaaS also includes graphical user interfaces that help developers work efficiently while writing codes.

PaaS architecture does not aim to replace a business or organization's entire IT infrastructure but instead provides software development services through the hosted infrastructure of a cloud service provider. It can be delivered through public, private, or hybrid clouds to offer solutions that can enhance software development and gives access to libraries and database management systems. 

What are the key features of PaaS?

  • Automated deployment: An easy and smooth deployment process is one of the key features of PaaS as it helps developers quickly deploy their applications in the cloud. 

  • Scaling: PaaS helps in scaling application resources by adjusting them according to the needs of your business, ensuring that the application can withstand fluctuations in traffic and usage without disrupting the service.

  • Load balancing: PaaS solutions can distribute incoming traffic among multiple instances of an application, ensuring every application instance gets utilized, and the load doesn’t get heavy on a single instance. 

  • Automatic updates: PaaS provides automatic updates, ensuring the system remains up-to-date and secure. This eliminates manual intervention during an update and helps developers focus on writing code and developing new features.

  • Multi-language support: PaaS provides flexibility to developers by allowing them to code in a language of their choice. This helps developers to choose a language that fits their needs, and integration with existing codebases and systems becomes easy.

  • Integration and collaboration tools: PaaS solutions offer integration and collaboration tools that make building, testing, and deploying easy for developers. Developers can work together with the help of collaboration tools from different locations, which helps deliver applications faster and roll out updates. PaaS also offers version control systems like git, continuous integration and delivery, monitoring tools, APIs, and microservices that help integrate with systems leading to the overall enhancement in the development of an application.

  • Security and compliance: PaaS offers authentication and authorization, encryption, and network security that helps reduce the risk of security breaches and ensures the protection of data and applications.

Introducing Civo Platform 

Are you tired of dealing with the headaches of infrastructure management when releasing your code and deploying your apps? Civo Platform is here to change that. Our fully-managed PaaS solution allows you to build, launch, and scale your app with ease. In just a few clicks, you can take your app from development to production without worrying about managing the underlying infrastructure. Say goodbye to the stress and focus on what really matters - developing and growing your app!

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“Too often developers outgrow their PaaS provider,” said CEO Boost in an article from Computer Weekly. “We want to be there to grow with businesses, ready to support their changing development needs as they scale up. Developers don’t want complexity: they want an affordable, flexible, and customizable approach to PaaS that lets them focus on innovating for the business.”

What is Civo Platform?

Civo Platform is a fully-managed PaaS that allows users to easily release code and deploy their apps without worrying about infrastructure. All you have to do is push your code through Git, and we'll take care of the rest. With Civo Platform, you can boost your productivity by reducing the time and effort spent on DevOps tasks and instead focus on bringing your code to life. As your app grows and evolves, Civo Platform adapts to your changing needs, scaling up and down as required.

We understand that developers have unique needs and demands, so we've designed Civo Platform with developer-centric features in mind. 

What are the benefits of Civo Platform?

  • Fully managed: Platform runs on Civo Kubernetes, but you never have to worry about managing your environment. Just push your code via Git and go. We do the rest.

  • Boost productivity: Scale back the DevOps process and focus on bringing your code to life. As a result, get your apps and website to market faster.

  • Scale when needed: Civo Platform grows with your app. Easily scale up and down as your workloads demand. 

  • Break free: With Kubernetes under the hood, you can break free from Platform and get direct access to your containers - if you need it.

  • Work with your favorite languages: Code your way with native support for popular languages such as Go, Java, Node.js, Python, Django, and PHP.

  • Push to Git: Quickly and easily push your code via your Github and Gitlab CI pipelines straight to Civo Platform.


Civo Platform is a PaaS solution that helps you easily deploy and scale your application. Built on Civo Kubernetes, the platform manages your application environment and lets you take your application to production with a few clicks. It allows developers to choose among popular programming languages, such as Go and python, for coding and helps them get direct access to the Kubernetes clusters. Fast and seamless deployment through Civo Platform helps boost developers' productivity while reducing the effort spent doing DevOps tasks.

Currently, Civo Platform is in Alpha and will be opening to Beta soon. In the meantime, our team will be releasing more information on Civo Platform and how you can get involved. Otherwise, make sure you're signed up to Civo to get all the latest insights from our community and experience Kubernetes the Civo way.