While at Civo Navigate, Dinesh Majrekar (CTO) and Saiyam Pathak (Director of Technical Evangelism) took to the stage to announce the release of Civo Platform, our fully-managed PaaS solution that allows you to build, launch, and scale your app with ease.

Computer Weekly, a technological news outlet, released an article surrounding this release of Civo Platform by outlining how the technology was built with simplicity in mind. This aims to allow users to take their app from development to production in just a few clicks without worrying about managing the underlying infrastructure.

Dinesh Majrekar and Saiyam Pathak announcing Civo Platform on stage at Civo Navigate

Photo from David Fogle

With security at the heart of Civo Platform, Mark Boost (CEO) spoke with Computer Weekly about how this will allow users to switch with just a click of a button:

“It includes a ‘Software Bill of Materials’ (SBOM) tool, allowing users to produce a verified record of all components within a software product. The SBOM has become a vital way for businesses to verify the security credentials behind the development of a piece of software,” says Boost and team.

On stage, Dinesh Majrekar and Saiyam Pathak did a live demonstration of Civo Platform with Computer Weekly, describing the progression of Civo as “one of the key Kubernetes-focused cloud players making big moves right now.”

Dinesh Majrekar and Saiyam Pathak doing a live demo of Civo Platform at Civo Navigate

Photo from David Fogle

“Too often developers outgrow their PaaS provider,” said CEO Boost. “We want to be there to grow with businesses, ready to support their changing development needs as they scale up. Developers don’t want complexity: they want an affordable, flexible, and customizable approach to PaaS that lets them focus on innovating for the business.”

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