Have you ever wondered how cloud-native applications communicate with the world outside the cluster?

Join Flynn, Technology Evangelist at Buoyant, and Kai Hoffman from Civo for our meetup on how service meshes interact with ingress controllers using the Linkerd service mesh with Emissary-ingress, NGINX, and Envoy Gateway 👇

Service Mesh and Ingress Controllers Meetup with Civo and Buoyant

Join us at Navigate North America 2024

In two weeks, we will be coming together in Austin, Texas, for Civo Navigate! During this two-day event, we will put some of the biggest names in the tech industry on stage to speak about everything from machine learning, sustainability, and gaming.

If you missed out on any Navigate announcements, here is a recap of everything that has happened leading up to the event:

Our team has been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to get everything ready for Civo Navigate, along with some announcements that we can’t wait to share with you all! So, if you’re still looking to secure your ticket, check out our website and register today!

In the meantime, catch up with some of our latest releases and updates from the Civo community 👇

What’s new from the Civo Community?

Application Deployment with Kubernetes' API Gateway

Master Kubernetes' API Gateway with Udensi Fortune Arua and learn how to optimize app deployment, overcome traditional limitations, and explore its unique features in this tutorial.

Exposing gRPC applications using NGINX Ingress

Learn to expose gRPC applications using NGINX Ingress in Kubernetes with Jubril Oyetunji. Plus, this tutorial will help you set up TLS with CertManager, deploy services, and manage secure access.

Alert Management with Prometheus Alertmanager and Log Insights with Grafana Loki

Dive into advanced Kubernetes monitoring with Prometheus Alertmanager and Grafana Loki with Barry Ugochukwu in this tutorial to enhance alert management and log analysis for robust system reliability.

Introduction to Helm: Automating Kubernetes Deployments

Explore Helm for Kubernetes with Amr Essam in this tutorial. Throughout, you will learn to simplify deployment and management of your applications at scale, mastering package handling, templating, and version control.

Civo in the news

Survey Surfaces High Rates of AI Project Failure

Techstrong.ai covered the results from our recent survey, whereby we spoke to 503 developers who have experience working with ML systems. In their article, they spoke with the Chief Innovation Officer at Civo, Josh Mesout, about how artificial intelligence (AI) projects are being abandoned before completion.

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