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This week in the Civo DevOps bootcamp, we covered what is DevOps & why it matters.

There are no prerequisites for this bootcamp. The only thing we require is your passion to learn and explore. This session was undertaken by mentors highly experienced in their respective fields. Read on to learn more about it!

Top DevOps Session Questions

1. Can you Outsource DevOps?

No: DevOps is a culture or a set of processes to enable your team(s) - you cannot outsource culture. You can buy tools & platforms to enable your team but that doesn’t suffice to call your team DevOps.

2. Difference between DevOps & SRE

SRE, Site Reliability Engineering, is about reliability & stability. Whereas DevOps is more than that - it's everything around getting applications deployed reliably, accurately, safely, securely onto platforms.

SRE is also a role within a business which has a DevOps culture.

They take part in multi cross disciplinary teams. The SRE will have their own set of responsibilities & KPIs based around reliability & stability - up time for example. Also, they are responsible for developing tools enabling developers.

Eg: If you’ve got a tool that tells you once you’ve deployed an application that it is full of errors, then as an SRE you are able to give that information back to developers (logs…) & they can self-serve without the need to raise incidents.

Furthermore, SRE is more of a section within DevOps. As a DevOps engineer your responsibilities might fall under numerous parts of the organisation including but not limited to engineering, SRE, Operations.

3. Is there a danger of silos between devs & engineers in a DevOps culture? What’s the advice to avoid these?

There’s always a danger of silos between teams. If you have 2 separate entities responsible for different parts of your engineering/organisation then they will communicate more amongst themselves than between teams. What you can do is get them aligned towards the same goal - eg: focus on consumer value. If both devs & ops teams are aligning on providing a product or service as quickly as possible then they will naturally gravitate together to overcome these obstacles.

The issue is to see DevOps as a way of structuring your team vs seeing DevOps as a set of principles/path you can take to prevent silos from happening & having a huge impact on the business.

If you are struggling with the implementation of DevOps principles within your organization, you need to start gathering top down buy in. DevOps is very much a cultural shift within an organization - not one tool will provide you with the solution to break down solos. Top down means management & all teams involved need to buy into it & start proactively following these principles.

Other Q&A in our DevOps Bootcamp:

  • What is DevOps?
  • Everybody talks about breaking down the silos and shifting security left, but how do we actually address that?
  • Is it better to learn a vendor focused DevOps process such as AWS, Azure or more or more of an agnostic approach from Circle CI or Gitlab?
  • How to find the domain of our own interest in DevOps since it's so big?
  • Where does Security fit in the DevOps loop?
  • Most of the devops people i have seen were sysadmins or netadmins before. What should beginners keep in mind while entering into the DevOps world?
  • Is it still DevOps if you don’t really have any operations? Like we create a desktop modelling application that is installed and run by customers on their machines, there is nothing we deploy?
  • Some organization asking full-stack developers to take the responsibility of the DevOps instead of separated DevOps teams? What is your opinion about this? Is it a good way to start a career in DevOps?

What you'll learn in our next sessions

Another 9 bootcamps to go! Our live hands-on workshops will be covering the curriculum as follows:

  • Intro to containers
  • Build and test
  • Release and deploy
  • SRE Talk - Operate and monitor
  • Fast feedback
  • Automate everything
  • Security by design
  • People over process
  • K3s vs K8s

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