We kicked off the start of the Day 2 with our host Nigel Poulton as he prepared us with a quick rundown of the highlights from the first day before giving attendees a taste of what to expect from the rest of the event. After this point, Nigel brought Kelsey Hightower to the stage for his keynote session with Mark Boost and Dinesh Majrekar.

If you missed our Day 1 recap, check it out here.

Keynote session with Kelsey Hightower

It was no secret Kelsey was in the house before he came onto the stage… he had already spent hours on day 1 connecting everyone in the main sponsor hall and courtyard, answering questions, giving opinions on the future of tech, and being snapped in pictures.

Opening up his keynote talk, Kelsey took some time to give an overview of his retirement and what it has been like since leaving Google. He then welcomed Mark and Dinesh to the stage, where they spent the next hour discussing everything from advice for junior devs, the biggest mistake during his career, thoughts on recent changes in the industry, and how to mentally filter the next technological hype.

Keynote session with Kelsey Hightower at Navigate Europe 2023

Following on from this discussion, Kelsey was once again in the venue courtyard for the next few hours, sharing ideas and taking pictures with attendees. During this time, he spoke about open source licensing, his retirement, and the value of time. It was incredible to see how generous Kelsey was with his time, but we are sure that everyone would have listened to him talk for hours!

Kelsey Hightower at Navigate Europe 2023 talking to attendees

AI Panel Discussion

The AI Panel with Josh Mesout, Tatiana Botskina (MintyCode), Andrew Maguire (ML Lead at Netdata Cloud), Jason Grant (Sr. Account Executive at NVIDIA), and Dan Lewis (Director of Growth at Rockborne) touched upon the increasing difficulty in distinguishing between AI-generated and human content, and the immense benefits AI offers to society. It then went into the concerns about the centralization of open-source initiatives, especially around platforms like GitHub, emphasizing the importance of community-driven guidelines and decentralization.

Overall, this session looked at the importance of navigating the ethical and intellectual property challenges accompanying AI's rapid growth, aiming for a future where technology integrates harmoniously with humanity, balancing innovation with ethical and intellectual property considerations.

Open Source Panel

The panel consisting of Amanda Brock, Peter Zaitsev, Liz Rice, and Matt Barker took their time to outline their insights on the evolving landscape of open source. During this talk, Peter Zaitsev emphasized the adaptability of open source. He suggested that open source could be integrated with various business models, hinting at a future where open-source projects could coexist with different economic frameworks, making the ecosystem more inclusive and flexible.

Liz Rice spoke about the importance of fostering environments that encourage innovation and collaboration while valuing individual contributors. Rice also touched upon the sometimes high expectations placed on contributors and stressed the need for a balanced ecosystem that supports innovation without overburdening its members.

Open Source Panel at Navigate Europe 2023

We also heard Matt Barker explain how the early days of open source was driven by passion and community spirit rather than business interests. He advocated for a return to these roots, emphasizing the importance of the community and the original passion that drove the growth of open source.

Sessions and Workshops

With over 30 sessions on Day 2, there were a variety of topics covered, from security, community, AI, and the CNCF. Some of the sessions included:

  • Container Security You Can Count On - Saiyam Pathak (Civo) and Pablo Musa (Sysdig)
  • Love is Blind, But your K8s Collaborative Troubleshooting Doesn’t Have to be - Maria Ashby (Kubeshop)
  • Machine Learning for Beginners - Josh Mesout (Civo)
  • Securing Cloud Native and the Dark Side of the Internet - Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh (Defense.com)
  • How we chartered a course to Helm’s success with CNCF - Matt Butcher (Fermyon)

When speaking about their experience at Navigate Europe, Nigel Poulton, host at the event, said:

“Civo Navigate, just wow 👏👏👏 However, despite having an amazing agenda… the best thing about Civo Navigate was the people! Attendees were some of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of spending time with. Speakers and sponsors were next-level smart and incredibly approachable. But I think the best was the Civo team. Caring. Passionate. Hard-working. Knowledgeable. Driven. Balanced. Excited. Helpful. Inclusive... Fantastic human beings and huge credit to themselves and their company. It's no surprise Civo are doing such great things with their platform!”

Community and Sponsor Highlights

During the event, we had the chance to speak with a range of our speakers and sponsors surrounding their experience at Navigate Europe. Check out this video to hear from Fermyon, Percona, Defense.com, Kubefirst, and more whilst we explore what everyone got up to during this two-day event: