In April, we made Civo Academy publicly available for all. This was a pivotal step to put developers first so anyone with an interest can learn everything they need to know to create and maintain their Kubernetes environment.

We also released a new report called "The Cost of Cloud", a white paper looking into the complexity of cloud costs for businesses and alternatives beyond the hyperscalers.

Latest from the blog

Gimlet launches new learning resources to build a developer platform
Laszlo Fogas, founder of, announces that they have created new learning resources on how to build and run your developer platform on Civo.
By Laszlo Fogas

Kubernetes vs Docker : A comprehensive comparison
Sayanta Banerjee explains in this post the advantages of Kubernetes and Docker, their differences in comparison to each other as well as how they can perform better when used together.
By Sayanta Banerjee

New tutorials

Kubectl commands - a comprehensive guide
In this learning guide Ian Banks, Site Reliability Engineer at Civo, covers kubectl, the Kubernetes command-line management tool. Read the guide to find tricks for beginner kubectl usage and tips for the more advanced.
By Ian Banks

Getting Started with JAMStack on Civo - The Stack site
Steve Miller returns for part 2 of the JAMStack series where he moves onto the environment setup, the initial site development and hosting on Civo with plenty to learn along the way.
By Steve Miller

Media and news

Civo permanently adopts a four-day working week - ITeuropa
“The experience of the last two years has changed how businesses think about the needs of employees forever,” said Mark Boost, CEO of Civo. “Looking after employee welfare and mental health is no longer seen as a ‘nice-to-have’, but a fundamental aspect of a successful business model, and rightly so.

Civo shorts

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Watch here as Marino Wijay, developer relations and advocate at, explains why Civo could be the only cloud provider you ever need. He touches on multiple factors such as speed, cost, simplicity and the ease of the marketplace applications.
By Marino Wijay

New apps on Civo marketplace

Kubeclarity is a tool for detection and management of software bill of materials (sbom) and vulnerabilities of container images and filesystems.
By Kubeclarity

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