In February we had our first online meetup of the year, 'Connecting and securing your microservices by using EnRoute.' Check it out on our YouTube channel if you missed it.

Meanwhile, for Civo Shorts, David Flanagan of Pulumi explains why Civo is his service provider of choice for testing environments.

Plus guides and tutorials on all things Cloud Native and Civo. Read on.

Latest from the blog

Build and test your code with a CI pipeline
In this article find out how to build and test your code with a CI pipeline to help detect bugs and avoid any future issues.
By Sayanta Banerjee

Five tools to increase Kubernetes developer productivity
We take a look at five time-saving tools that can increase your Kubernetes productivity including Okteto and DevSpace.
By Sayanta Banerjee

Upcoming Civo Meetups

Networking, security & observability with Cilium meetup

Networking, security & observability with Cilium
Wednesday 30th March, 2022 - 5:00pm GMT
In this webinar we will be exploring Cilium with Raymond De Jong, Senior Solutions Architect at Isovalent - a BPF powered open-source Cloud Native Networking solution, providing security, observability, scalability, and superior performance.
Click here to watch the meetup.

New tutorials

Managing external load balancers on Civo
Civo provides an automatic load balancing function for all of your Kubernetes clusters. This tutorial will walk you through creating a Load Balancer service for an application that is running on a cluster on Civo.
By Kai Hoffman

Pluto: A tool to manage deprecated Kubernetes APIs
This tutorial talks about two tools, Pluto and Nova. Pluto is a tool that helps in detecting deprecated Kubernetes APIs used in your code repositories and helm releases.
By Milind Chawre

Installing an Apache Kafka cluster using Strimzi and GitOps
Apache Kafka can be a complex beast to deploy, but using operators like Strimzi can really help. Check out this guide to find out more.
By Ehi Enabs

Civo shorts

Thoughts on Civo with David Flanagan from Pulumi
We speak to David Flanagan, Developer Advocate at Pulumi, to discuss how and why he uses Civo as a regular part of his application testing and debugging process.
By David Flanagan

What's new on YouTube

Kubernetes - HTTPS ingress controller with your own TLS certificate
When deploying to Kubernetes, there can be scenarios where you would want to use your own TLS certificates for ingress. This tutorial will show you how to set up your own certificates.
By Kunal Kushwaha

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