In May, we hosted our first in-person community meetup speaking about all things Kubernetes. Community members came and engaged in cloud-native discussions with talks from Saiyam Pathak, Kunal Kushwaha, Josh Van Leeuwen, and Walid Shaari.

We also featured in ZDNet’s article on the four-day work week which includes an interview with Mark Boost, CEO at Civo. This outlined how employees have attained a better work-life balance with the change as well as why the decision was made.

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Civo at KubeCon Valencia 2022
The Civo team reflected on their time at KubeCon by speaking about the growth of Civo, the Kubernetes community, and the edge rack we took to create a temporary KubeCon region where users could launch a cluster at the event.
By Emma Stewart-Oram

All things Kubernetes London meetup roundup
Over 60 community members joined us in London for Civo’s first in-person meetup where we discussed “All things Kubernetes”.
By Kunal Kushwaha

Upcoming Civo Meetups

Civo + ContainIQ

Wednesday 8th June, 2022 - 5:00 PM GMT
In this upcoming meetup, we will be joined by ContainIQ as we explain how to extract value from the Kubernetes events feed. This will explore what Kubernetes events are, how to use them, and tools that can be used to get the most out of them.

Click here to view the meetup.

Civo Academy

Kubernetes configuration and security
In our latest Civo Academy course, Saiyam Pathak explains configuring and securing your Kubernetes cluster.
By Saiyam Pathak

Kubernetes volumes
Get a base understanding of volumes in our new Civo Academy course followed by theory and demos for EmptyDir + HostPath, EmptyDir Volume, HostPath Volume, Remote Storage, and NFS PersistentVolumes.
By Saiyam Pathak

Civo shorts

See what Michael Friedrich, Senior Developer Evangelist at GitLab, has to say about his Civo user experience. He explains how the sheer speed of using Civo has him hooked, enabling him to start working faster.

By Michael Friedrich

<i>By <a href="">Michael Friedrich</a></i>

Watch here as Chintan Thakker, founder of Saaras, tells us how his team continues to use Civo Kubernetes for the simplicity, speed, and flexibility that is offered.

By Chintain Thakker

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