In March, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) released its Annual Survey 2021. Civo featured alongside the likes of Amazon and Azure when CNCF asked developers "Does your organization use any certified Kubernetes installers?".

Saiyam, Director of Technical Evangelism at Civo, also released an update on the new advancements so far for our 2022 Roadmap.

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Five takeaways from the CNCF Annual Survey 2021
The CNCF annual survey 2021 is in and makes for some very encouraging reading for the future of Kubernetes and its place in the tech landscape.
By Ricky Law

The Civo 2022 roadmap so far
Saiyam Pathak, our Director of Technical Evangelism, runs you through our Civo 2022 roadmap so far. Read to find out what we've been up to.
By Saiyam Pathak

DevOps 101: All you need to know
In this blog, we explain the makeup of DevOps from concept to integration and all the bits in between.
By Sayanta Banerjee

New tutorials

How to mitigate Kubernetes runtime security threats
In this tutorial, Boemo explains what runtime security threats are in Kubernetes and how you can detect these threats to prevent them now and in the future.
By Boemo Wame Mmopelwa

Kubernetes monitoring: Best practices, alerting, and solutions
Within this guide, Nate shows you the best practices and tools you can use to set up an effective Kubernetes monitoring strategy.
By Nate Matherson

Install KubeSphere on your Civo Kubernetes clusters
This tutorial explains how to install KubeSphere from the Civo Marketplace and clarifies KubeSphere's benefit in multi-cluster management.
By Feynman Zhou

What's new on YouTube

Cilium - eBPF Powered Networking, Security & Observability
In this video by Raymond de Jong, Senior Solutions Architect at Isovalent, you'll discover how Cilium with eBPF increases networking performance and so much more.
By Kunal Kushwaha

How to use Linux Commands for Kubernetes
In this session via our now public Civo Academy, Saiyam Pathak helps you learn about the various Linux commands needed as a prerequisite for learning Kubernetes.
By Saiyam Pathak

What is K3s? The Lightweight Kubernetes Distribution
Learn about K3s in this academy video on how it is different to fully stacked Kubernetes along with insight into what it isn't with Kai Hoffman.
By Kai Hoffman

New apps on Civo marketplace

KubeSphere is a distributed operating system for cloud-native application management, using Kubernetes as its kernel. It provides a plug-and-play architecture, allowing third-party applications to be seamlessly integrated into its ecosystem.
Version 3.2.1, by KubeSphere

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